Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Recent Visitors

Its nice to see that my blog fares up well in the searches. I get to encounter various visitors through search terms as varied as "microsoft pakistan softec 2005" [although I dont know the relation and Microsoft wasn't really in force at Softec 2005] to "windows 98 domain server" [beats me again]. I got someone looking for "contact address of Frederick in Pakistan"! Whoa, who is Frederick anyway? And Frederick WHO? You seriously need to learn the effective use of a search engine, pal. Somebody was looking for "Fuck the fucking fucker" also. Pretty inituitive, huh? And the most popular of all is the term "google sucks", and most of the time this search comes from the "Google" search engine itself. Come on, I know Google sucks, but when I posted that I mean about Google, the company, and wasn't talking about the Google search engine. The Google search engine is simply amazing, anything could I say, would be just little to add to the magnanimity. And I am googling most of the time, for apparently useless things, but its amazing the amount of resources that comes up, and you sure find something in it. And Pope John Paul died, he was born in 1920, in Poland. I was just thinking about whether he took part in WW2. Fought against the Nazis, or was against the Jews. Just a thought, maybe I'll google him up too. You can read the Google sucks post here.

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9jia said...

uffoooo haan bhi i know kitni bar bataogai k
_ucks!!! ... now i m bored isliyeh fill up the blank khud sai!!