Sunday, May 29, 2005

Back to Meera

The eagerly waited romantic thriller, Nazar, has officially been released. I ll get my hands on the movie as soon as I get faarigh from my exams :P Meanwhile, we have loads of Meera to keep our hands full. Check it, she is pretty amusing. Meera, on the release: "bohot aachi movie hai, aap zaroor enjoy karenge" [Its a very nice movie, no doubt you'll enjoy it] Every Pakistani heroine's movie is like that! duhh!! Talking to the reporters at a press conference marking Aaj TV buying the rights for airing Nazar: “Aab court aap ki ball mein hai!” (Now the court is in your ball) Lol! No, that accounts for a LOL! On the scene: "There was some thought being given to delete the kissing scene, but I hope that has not happened yet. I myself have to see whether the shot is there or not. If it has been deleted, I will certainly feel disappointed. I stand by what I have said time and again - what I did was right and I have no reason to worry. I still maintain that the kiss is part of beginning the process of friendship between the two countries." Like her kiss would bring India and Pakistan together in a lip-lock too. Pretty symbolic, she is. I guess who is feeding her the lines... I dont know whether the scene has been struck off or not, as I have yet to watch the movie. Please keep me updated. During an interview with IANS: "I have really liked bold themes like 'Jism' and 'Murder' and if I were to choose between 'Mughal-e-Azam' and these two movies, I would prefer 'Jism' and 'Murder', as they reflect contemporary reality" I can't comment. And on her name: "My name is Meera. In Pakistan 'Meera' means 'Mine'. It is not the same as the Indian 'Meera'. I don't have any surname." Where is Pakistan? Since when does Meera means Mine? Hello? Is Pakistan the only place where people speak Urdu? Or is Meera [the actress] is synonymous with Mine? Or is this Mine as in coalmine, or minesweeper? *Rolls eyes* During a chat: "Firstly, I am a very famous actress in Pakistan. I became a superstar in Pakistan at the age of 16. When I used to walk on the roads, college kids used to run after me. I have seen fame since I was 15, so fame does not mean anything to me. I am a respected actress in Pakistan, and in future I will be a respected actress in India also." I wonder! Khair, thats all, enough of Meera and her Nazar. If she had clearer insight that would have been better than Nazar, and without all the controversy. But then, controversy is good for showbiz people. So there you go, Meera! Keep making nice films and item numbers, they are always good!

Friday, May 27, 2005

Loving you is like...

What do you do when after going along for such a long period you get to hear that you're no good? That all you've done, all the things you bore for them, all the times that you messed up with your very near and dear ones for someone, is just to be in vain. That someone has just no feelings about you anymore. No, nothing. Everything is gone. All the intimations, plans, memories, laughters, joys, sorrows, gone. All that is left is a void. I would feel humiliated, and suicidal. Or maybe I d just turn around and give them a lesson of their life for treating me like that. Or, or, or... Thats pretty much exactly what is happening to the "intimate" relationship of Pakistan with the mighty USA. Being a Pakistani I could very well feel the humiliation. Amerika! We loved you from the very deepest depths (sic) of our hearts! If you do this to us, then we'll be getting nowhere. We've sacrificed ourselves, pimped our brethren for you, quashed our own people, and you still think we are not good. That our F-16s wouldnt be of any significant advantage to us? And that you think we'll use them against terrorists in Wana and for search-and-rescue operations? How naive could we be. I am not going along with all this hype of Amerika actually selling those planes to Pakistan unless the first batch arrives. I hope that it does, but dont believe it until you see it. Amerika is offering India the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet aircraft, that is the most modern and versatile aircraft currently in production. Talk about business strategies. When will we open our eyes and stop spending hard-earned money on these baits. My Indian friends, you guys ponder on this too.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Isnt she cute?

No, she isnt a model, nor the photographer(s) any more professional. Just the subtlety, spontaniety make these pictures so truly awesome!

Guess she's got this gift from the day she was born. Check out the photoblog here.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

About me!

"Young, male, in love, looking to rule the world. But in that bevy of cliches there's a compendium of sharply-opposite personalities housed in one over-sized cranium. I will love you, surprise you, most likely offend you, and I will invariably let you down. But I don't give up, and if you stick around, I'll take you along when I reach out to touch the stars..." Read this on the profile of Ahmed Bilal, but damn, I am sure this is what I am.

Saturday, May 21, 2005


Yaay! Faalsays are in!! I can eat them all day long without getting tired. I soooo love them... Waisay anybody knows the english name of faalsay? Tell me soon I want to put up a picture of them on my blog :(

Thursday, May 19, 2005

F U C G (AM)

News Flash: According to the latest news Computer Graphics CS418 is very essentially fucked. It's very essentially, discreetly, sweetly, damningly fucked. Really. You couldn't possibly justify 10 out of 42, the semester work. Though, these marks are without the project, and without the first midterm, but still. Gives me the creeps. Project is worth 8, and the greater-than-life Atika said she'll do something about the first mid, possibly fixing it somewhere from the final. The Final. I'll have this gap of six days between the Algo and NP papers, but then CG is immediately after NP. Immediately as in the very next day. And NA the same immediately after CG. Now what should I study. Hummmph I ll need some consolation. Someone please wipe my tears. And don't ask me to withdraw Graphics. Shivers run through me when I think of the word withdraw. Poor me. Much ado has been for the cartoon in Washington Times. But then, somebody pointed out that the dog in question is infact a bloodhound. Now that is a very special breed of dogs. Atleast we have been portrayed as the best and the most expensive as dogs can be. That's really flattering, since Britain has been portrayed as a mongerel. So we are the best dogs. But still, a dog. Recent search engine referrals (I'm getting loads of hits these days thanks to search engines): meera nazar pictures desi sexy stories lahore sexy girls of karachi sexy pakistan baby pissing girl in pakistan fucking girls in pakistan (the porn king?) pakistan hot girl cheap helmets goo "the fuck" gle ya gle goo hoo google sucks decrypt azkaban 2005 email addresses of directors ayaz ahmed

Sunday, May 15, 2005


Hungry souls that landed on my blogs through search engines recently had the following search terms: "Sexy girls of Pakistan" (hot term!) "Hot hot Saagi" "orkut Pakistan" "Sexy girls in Faisalabad" "Sexy pictures of Meera in Nazar film" "term end results december 2004" "Sexy shalwar kameez" The finals schedule is out, and its really fucking pissing me off. I ve got three papers scheduled back-to-back! And there is this huuuuge gap between the Algo and Network Programming papers! Duhhh! I hate the administration. I've sent them a mail, thrashing them out. Let's see what happens. Meanwhile I gotta study, okay? Exams are starting from next monday! PS I took part in the discussion on Manav's blog because it felt interesting, and it is. Just that they should know of our viewpoint on the partition and we should know theirs. Its kinda good, and safe. And we're fucking tired of all the hostilities anyway. So lets be friends with 'em. Lemme know if its wrong...

Friday, May 13, 2005

Let's work it out...

So we had another date Another fight.. You break down, and cry And you swear that it's over It seems you pack your bags like every night, Girl i know inside, We could be so much more. But, everytime the smallest thing goes wrong Girl, you're out the door You don't wanna deal with this pain anymore why wont you understand that somethings wont come easy in life work with me girl it'll just take some time I'm not letting go, yeah girl that's for sure wont catch me walking out, so ok let's work it out I'm not letting go, yeah girl that's for sure wont catch me walking out, so ok let's work it out Yeah...yeah.. At every single point you'll turn around say I've let you down that i no longer know you how could you say to me that I've lost my way when you're walking away girl I'm feeling good now but, everytime the smallest thing goes wrong girl, you're out the door you don't wanna deal with this pain anymore why wont you understand that somethings wont come easy in life work with me girl it'll just take some time I'm not letting go, yeah girl that's for sure wont catch me walking out, so ok let's work it out Once again here we go through that old procedure, you scream that it's over between us but I don't believe ya, (nah) Your such a Diva, a drama queen, girl why you blowin' up like Osama's been what u want an argument? well i aint speakin' we come too far now, 'n i aint leaving and if we got a problem let's get on top (of it) we aint gotta (split), we can conquer (it) but we gotta quit over reacting imagine just last night we're romancing false passion now we be clashing I dunno wat's happened, you go on a tantrum as a man I'm making the first move, u know i never do nuttin to blatantly hurt u, we got a situation to work through but patience is a virtue, well baby it takes two, so.. I'm not letting go, Yeah girl that's for sure Won't catch me walking out, So ok let's work it out.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Pakistan's first fighter pilots

Interesting read, indeed. Check it out here. Guess women will no longer crave to marry a fighter pilot, they can become one too. Did I mention I was almost selected for the Academy? But guess they werent impressed by my wit. And dropped me off on the last day. Khair whatever happens is for the best. Those girls are better than me. *sigh*

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Busy me!

Anyone thinking I've been too lazy to blog? Actually, I've been too busy to blog!! The Graphics Project was to be turned in, and I was ignorant with pretty much the stuff with which the project was to be made. You see, RenderMan doesnt look like much of a promising prospect at first, but still, its prutty strong, and the animations and special effects that are in movies, are on the large part have been developed using RenderMan compliant renderers... Jeez, phir behek gaya...! Anyways, I was online most of these days, much of my time spent on Google [yes, Google]. Ofcourse, searching for RenderMan. Its pretty mindboggling that there is so dearth of information about such amazing a thing. Khair! in all this while I didnt get time to blog! Finished The Da Vinci Code last weekend. Didnt find it up to the hype that has been created. The author thrusts his point of view on the reader. And most of the clues I was able to decipher myself, now that wasn't mind boggling like Sherlock Holmes or something. But maybe I am being too naive here? I am hungry for a new book now! Any suggestions for my next read?

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


"RenderMan is actually a technical specification for interfacing between modeling and rendering programs. From 1998 until 2000 the published RenderMan Interface Specification was known as Version 3.1. In 2000 Pixar published a new specification, Version 3.2." Just great. RenderMan is supposed to be an framework upon which implementations are constructed. A few of the examples include PRMan, 3Delight, Aqsis etc. RenderMan is used for photorealistic image rendering, in easy words, modeling and displaying images that are pretty close to real life in terms of their physics. Moreover, it is mainly used in CG animation [dork, thats COMPUTER GRAPHICS] in films. Here is an interesting links about CG and RenderMan in films. The basic format for passing scene information to a renderer is through a RIB file. In the RIB file you can specify your model in terms of basic geometrical shapes like spheres, curves etc. But believe me, they are one heck of a problem. Each scene has to be separately defined in the RIB file, no concept of keyframes. This is one big burden. So the basic solution is that you model your scene in a 3rd party animation package like Blender, Maya etc [and that is also the sensible solution], and then use export scripts/plugins to generate RIB files from these packages. Well, the prelude was because the project for Computer Graphics 418 is due on May 7. And I am just coming to terms with the stupid RenderMan. A few nice links are here: Blender Aqsis 3Delight RenderMan Repository Just pray that I indeed finish this project on time. And also if you have any ideas for graphics animation, a scene that you particularly want to make, or see in a movie, just let me know. Maybe I could do that, besides, the Disney people are already on my doorstep :P