Monday, April 04, 2005

Quickie post!

All with four days of chuttiyan (off days), I didnt get time to blog! That's cool, my time is being spent alternatively on sleeping, playing CS and sleeping, playing CS. And that was the infinite loop. I got to know I have got two assignments due. Computer Graphics is on Monday and Network Programming on Tuesday. And I am going to sleep now. God help me with my assignments, I'll see them tomorrow. P.S. I am waiting for the cake.


9jia said...

yeh blog to itna purana hai n mai nai to cake khila bhi dya!!! lozer ppl has lozer old blogs!!
nai nai nai bo bo!!

uXuf said...

Whatever! Ab agar tumhara net itna loser hai k it wont get the blog updated to is mein meri koi ghalti nahin :P