Saturday, April 02, 2005

Blogger sucking again

I dont know, but this is happening since a few days. "There were errors" whenever I try to post something. Where is the redundancy the Google people tout about? I am really much pissed off to write anything, really.


9jia said...

blogger sucks ..... BIG TIME!!!!

stalker said...

yeah - its giving the fucking error thingy on my end also -

fuck blogger.

uXuf said...

Especially when I want to do a quick post, it fucking gives this error. GOD help them!

It fucking has done it again. :(

9jia said...

everyone has used the word FUCK!! but merai comment mai nahi tha!!! isliyeh I also dont like such FUCKING errors :)

Madi said...

oohh so now i c! this was the reason u cud understand my problem!! i was wondering y wud anyone comment on that piece of complaint! :)

thanx for ur comment , btw