Thursday, December 16, 2004

Google sucks bad!

Okay okay! All right. I know most of the guys are big time Google fans, but still, it sucks real bad when it comes to things other than search engines. For example, take Orkut. A nicely designed forum that is expanding like anything. But then, its just expanding. Its expanding without any regards for minimizing the response times, user frustration and site management. How many times have you encountered the "Bad, bad server" error? Countless times, right. Most of the times the systems signs me out when I try to add someone. Now what. And the most frustrating of it, I try to paste a scrap, and "The page not found" error smacks right into my face. And just when I refresh it, the scrap is pasted then. Now there is this Blogger. Taken over by Google from some small company. But it has the most of the problems in logging in. If you have Javascript enabled, then it just might work fine. Blogger Help folks describe this as a problem with the browser. Here is what they say in that regard: Clear your cache. Delete your Blogger cookie. Check your Cookie settings. Check your JavaScript settings. Quit your browser and restart it. Use another browser. I do that all (without the last one), and still the same problem. The final resort? I restart my system. It then logs on. But still there is another problem lying ahead. If you just close your browser without signing out, and for some reason you want to go back to your account, what do u do? Dont point your browser to, no, restart your system. Because if you try to signin again, you will get bounced back and back again to the login prompt. Reason: your browser does not retain your login information correctly. And then there is the problem with the main Google site. With the regional sites, like Google in the countries, the pages dont appear correctly. Why is it so? Why is every problem related to Google? Is it so because a cook can not make too many broths at once. With Google, Orkut, Blogger; is it so that Google really cant manage them all? I dont know. I dont care. I do care about the service. I do care about the sites running smoothly and without giving me any headaches. That's what I want. If Google doesn't provide me with these, I am better off to other providers!


John Daniels said...


I am glad this public Google sucks thread is here.

I have had my head so far up googles A$$ for so many years I feel like a fool. It is now 2005 and it seems for at least a year google's search results are crap. It is like I have to search longer and longer to find what I am looking for.

Like one of the other posters said, you should be able to type in a manufactures name and their website come up first.

This is just and example:

I own a small business in the US named Excalibur Gate Openers LLC. We manufacture gate openers to automatically open swing gates. The website name is and the title of the web page is the same.

You would think you could type in Excalibur gate openers as a search string and the search engine would bring up first.

All other search engines do except Google! This was my wake up call.

MSN, Yahoo and Teoma all bring up when searching for excalibur gate openers.


Google is my homepage for all my computers......O, I guess the key word should be was:-)

Anonymous said...

Google AdSense and Google Adwords suck!!! Its all a scam. How many decent leads or sales does one get from Google, NADA!!! They get publishers started on promoting them then they cancel their account without warning or any tools to help prevent invalid clicks. So, in theory, if we go on people's webpages and generate 1000 clicks, Google cancels them? They provide no technical explanation nor do they provide tools to prevent idiots like that. Google is gonna go down in this class action suit against them because they are arragance towards their publishers and advertisers. Any good decent alternatives out there? We would appreciate it the help and the support.


Anonymous said...

The last post is absolutely correct. Google called me to continue my Adwords compaign, and I asked that guy how do they prevent fake clicks? How do they prevent robot clicks? NO. Nothing in place to prevent these. Of course, what is their incentive to pocket the click money then pull them out?! As they hide all these technical data, nobody knows what is going on with his often one-buck-per-click loser compaign. And, what if google hires somebody to bid the ads place with you? Only god knows. That's why it's a cash machine for google. But remember, when a thing is too good to be true, it simply cannot last long. Maybe google can cash in on these lies for 2 or 3 years, but sooner or later, advertisers will figure out their money is wasted, on this piece of shit so called "pagerank" joke engine. That's my 2 cents.

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