Monday, April 11, 2005

Picnic Spring 2005

So Hawkes Bay it was! And what else could you think of when you have a coupla hundred people on your hands and only a Sunday? And the beach is always the popular choice for the picnic, and it was so today. Had fun, but the water was waaaay too cold, or maybe I'm ill :( I didnt get to ride the waves much, I was so damn shivering! But overall it was fun, wasnt it?

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Pajia said...

awwww .... tum kab shiver kar rahai thai??? ... waisai acha howa mai nai tumko shiver kartai waqt nahi dekha otherwise mai tumko janai he nahi deti!!!! :P
yup i had fun n mai next time bhi jaongi n mujhai tour pe bhi jana haiiiiiiiiii!!!!!! i want to go!!!! mujhai chor k nahi jana! :S