Saturday, April 29, 2006


The girl was absolutely fair, fairer than anyone I have seen before. An epitome of beauty, a symbol of perfection. The eyes were hazel, a well formed nose, high cheek bones, rosy lips complemented by the obligatory til (mole).

I got thinking, why is a til obligatory on fair faces? A horde of pure black on an otherwise fair face, what has it got to do with it, apart from completing the beauty?

And then it hit me like lightening... that those tils are necessary on those fair faces, to remind them to thank Allah for granting them such beautiful faces. If He would have deemed appropriate, the whole face could've been a huge black til....!!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Vaanya's got a baby brother!

Oh well, I was so busy and so tired that I forgot to tell you guys the very important news. Yeah, I am now a chachoo to two kids! The newer one is Vaanya's little cuddly muddly brother, Abdullah :) Born on the 12th of Rabi-ul-Awwal, 1427 H MashALLAH, i.e. on April 10, 2006, in Riyadh. Pray that he'd be a source of joy, contentment and the harbringer of jannat to all of us. I'll post up the pictures in a few days. Blogger seems to be messing with me abhi!

Sunday, April 23, 2006


What else it could be? Ofcourse, my cell phone got snatched. At gunpoint.
What's amazing is that the snatcher has the nerve to call up my friends!
Whoa, thats what I call nerve.
BTW the chors were in a Civic Prosmatec, just for the record. And the cell they were so intent on snatching was a SonyEricsson K700i, a cameray wala mobile! :P
I hope I was as brave (or foolish?) as Zag, I might have yelled and they'd have left me alone. Foolishness that might be, but atleast the cell would ve remained intact :(
--This post appears as a record only. But it might also serve as a warning for future chors who might be thinking that I am an easy prey. I must assure you that I am not, I have been taking Karate classes religiously. And this goes also for the current chor to stop calling up my friends. Or else...  

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

And so I thought...!

..that this was a hot blog _frequented_ by many readers..
..that I was a _celebrity_ blogger..
..that people would _miss_ me so much they ll _inundate_ my inbox with requests to come back..
THAT I had friends who'd be trouble by my absence!!!
Ah well.. merey sapnon ka mahal dharam say neechay agira!!!
Never mind, I have been busy shifting the house, and the fact that the phone system is a little edgy at the new place doesnt help much! Plus, the Procom thing, its keeping me busy as hell! Thank God its scheduled for this weekend, ie Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd April 2006.. I ll be faarigh after that :) and back to blogging business!!!
Meanwhile you can check out my (team) work at
Make me happy :(