Monday, June 27, 2005

Bhao ....... Bhao .....

Miaon .... Miaon ......

Friday, June 24, 2005

Hooking up

These days I am hooked to Meekal Hassan Band (MHB). Their songs "create a deep connection with my spiritual self". Getting sufi deep inside? I so loove these alternative tracks. And in the same breath goes Nusrat Fateh Ali, as well as Abida Parveen and Pathanay Khan and Ustad Amanat Ali. And I just came across the "explanation" for MHB's "Rabba" video: "The concept is about a person who is not normal by regular society's standards. The director chose to exemplify the character's unique nature/gifts by giving him a globe covered with newspapers as part of his head. This contraption literally sets him apart and the video is about how individuals who are unique are treated by 'normal' society. The newspapers are indicative of how any person is flooded with the media telling us what is good or bad and what is acceptable or unacceptable. The character goes through four or five different actions wherein he attempts to adapt to normal everyday experiences,yet at each attempt he is left bewildered and hopelessly out of place. His ultimate resolution is to take the newspapers, make paper planes of them and throw them away,because to him the messages they are sending are irrelevant, since any individual has to find the truth of their existance for themselves and not rely on other sources to tell them well them what they are or not and what they should be or not." This could be VERY irrelevant to you, but you see, everybody has a right to information. And I was thinking, why make a video when a layman couldnt grasp it on the first view?

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A new method

This guy boards the bus, looks like a Sindhi but accent says he is not. Starts begging, you know, the usual rant of how six kids are waiting at home, they are hungry and all he wants is to buy some mattresses for them etc. Seems this does not work. Tries a new gimmick, pulls out a paper from his pcoket. Proclaims that he had just turned Muslim, and we, being Muslims, should help him since he has just converted to Islam. Recites loudly "La Ilaha Ill Allah, Mohammadur Rasool Allah". Waves the paper in the faces of the passengers, a letter from some madressah announcing him as a Muslim, proper with dates (Islamic too). A few people hand him some coins. There was this elderly person sitting next to me, looked degenerate. He fumbled in his pocket, and came out with a two-rupee coin. The newly-turned-Muslim/beggar saw this, and sort of lunged towards the money. Now this elderly person beckoned him, and in a shrill voice bellowed: "Mussalman hogaye?" The NTM/B replied: "Haan!" EP: "Kalma sunaao!" (in the same shrill voice) NTM/B: (repeats the kalima again) EP: "Rasool Allah nahin, Rasool Ullah! Rasool Ullah!" I am confused for a while, but it dawns on me that this EP is right. Its not "Rasool Allah", it is "Rasool Ullah" meaning "the Prophet of God". And now when I think about it, I just realise that how many of us (including me) use the phrase "Rasool Allah", without understanding the literal meaning. Remember how elders (and maulvis) used to scold us on proper pronounciation of Arabic? That a little mistake of zer, zabar, pesh can change the whole meaning of the word!! I am marvelled at the works of God. How you can be taught so important things in such trivial events! God bless us all. And what I think about those that beg on the name of Allah (they all do, dont they?): Why dont they just realise that Allah has promised that He would not let any soul sleep hungry? On a side note, I stumbled about this post about "Blogging: an Islamic Perspective", and I must say, its very enlightening. A little excerpt: In essence, blogging about one’s personal life is similar to writing a journal entry and then posting it outside one’s house or at a street corner for all to read. There isn’t anything really wrong with doing that (if one wishes to be so public about one’s private life), as long as one doesn’t divulge any information that doesn’t lead members of the opposite gender to envision and imagine the author, and doesn’t let their hearts and minds become impressed and eventually lean towards the author. Now, that may seem simple, but the fact is that nobody can really ascertain as to what may cause the above in the minds of the opposite gender. It may seem tempting to write-off this whole notion by saying that what goes through the minds of the readers is not the responsibility of the author. While that may hold true for truly objective pieces of work and in matters of true need, the onlookers would not be completely to blame for not “lowering their gaze” if a muscular, handsome man wearing boxers and a t-shirt were to unnecessarily walk through a group of women. The bulk of the blame would fall squarely on the shoulders of the one committing the unnecessary action, though the onlookers would be responsible for continuing to look even after they knew they weren’t supposed to. Yes, its pretty accurate. Sadly there isnt a permalink provided so anyone interested would just have to find it on Pseudo-Genius's blog. But I recommend reading it, although its a bit long. Rabba Merey Haal Da Mehram Tu....

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Urdu: Our National Language

The other day I was travelling in the bus and there was this Afghan teenager sitting beside me. He was the usual poke-my-nose-in-everything kid. As we approached Schon circle where the underpass construction is in full swing, he asked me in the meekiest voice possible: "Bhai jaan yeh kya ban raha hai?" I immediately started to say "Underpass...", but realised that he might not know what exactly is an underpass, so I had to explain him what exactly was going to be built there. It dawned on me that although Urdu is our national language, we often willingly neglect it, and that I didnt see any board depicting what exactly was going on there in Urdu. There are two huge boards displaying the plan of the "ramps" and the "underpass", but one is at a loss of words when it comes to explaining these things in Urdu to a thirteen-year-old Afghan kid. I remembered reading the words "Balai Guzargah" on some flyover construction, and my immediate instinct was that these people should put up a board proclaiming: "Yeh rasta balai guzargah ki tameer ki wajah say band hai, please mutabadil rasta ikhtiar karain. Zehmat kay liye ma'azrat khuwa" But there is a board that proclaims it in English: "Sorry for Inconvenience" Where do we live? Have we forgotten that our language is Urdu, not English? That more than sixty percent of the population couldnt read English? Treat Urdu as the step-language, and we perhaps can never achieve greatness. Our uniqueness is gone. And I remembered that perhaps Balai Guzargah wont work, the underpass should be called "Nashebi Guzargah"!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Gender Inequalities

I admit men are not suited for the jobs women are supposed to do. Unfortunately, I am in that category of men too. Take last night, I was trying to carve something which someone does so fine, but heck, I couldnt do it right. I suppose women are also inequipped for the tasks of men?

Friday, June 17, 2005

Chilling hot!

The past week has been very telling indeed. Its excruciatingly hot, and then, somebody's car AC won't work. :S The ride to office leaves me very much drenched in sweat, so I have to run to the bathroom first thing at the office. And that leaves my colleagues wondering. Heck, whatever! I noticed the Angelina Jolie signboard at submarine chowrangi, and I must admit although I am not a huge (or for that matter a teensy weensy) fan of her, that signboard left me absolutely stunned. The passer-bys might have noted someone staring wide-eyed (mouth agape?) at the signboard. I dont even know what the signboard is of, am so immersed in admiring her. :S But still... People are mentioning to me that my blog looks less like a blog and more of a cellphone advertising website. Lol, it was just a phase, and it has passed by. Now I wouldn't be putting up pictures of cellphones, atleast for the time being. No, and that's a "No". And this is what I saw at a local mosque: "When Our Signs are rehearsed to such a one, he turns away in arrogance, as if he heard them not, as if there were deafness in both his ears: announce to him a grievous Penalty." Luqman: 7 Felt it went straight through my heart. Allah forgive me for my sins.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Taking on the world...

Truly Global?

Monday, June 13, 2005

Discussions on tharki-pun and homosexuality

uXuf: han bhai my clad-in-red toiling-hard serving-little-kids dost uXuf: kya horaha hai A$iM: sonnay ki koshish keroun ga uXuf: oh gud uXuf: hamara to abhi time nahi nhoa sonay ka A$iM: is ur orkut working? uXuf: umm yep uXuf: it was a lil while ago uXuf: u see, i dont use orkut much uXuf: i think ab woh tharkion wala bangaya hai A$iM: yeah rite, uve realised tht going to desi baba is a lot better than wasting time on orkut uXuf: lolz uXuf: actually the thing is uXuf: i dont go to desibab uXuf: cuz their speed of updating is lot slower than my devouring their stuff A$iM: freakin..... bad bad server A$iM: it doesnt even signs in uXuf: lol uXuf: haan yeh horaha tha the last time i was tryin to sign in uXuf: abhi nahin hoga A$iM: Mobilink thrown away? uXuf: takreeban uXuf: cuz i culdnt find the sim uXuf: waisay bhi i ve heard that their service is deteriorated since i quit being their user A$iM: im off uXuf: ohk A$iM: want to sleep badly uXuf: i can understand : P A$iM: bbye darlz uXuf: cya then A$iM: muah uXuf: lahol wala quwwat uXuf: bee-z k sath mat raha karo uXuf: u re getting crooked A$iM: whts bad in it uXuf: theres nothing bad uXuf: but everything s BAD A$iM: im just showing my brotherly love for u uXuf: oh sheesh uXuf: muah then A$iM: lol A$iM: bye uXuf: bye uXuf: (k) uXuf: P

Sunday, June 12, 2005

The saga ends

In the end: I got the Nokia 3220. And since it feels a little old to me, I got to let it through a major overhaul. Here is what it looks like:

Image hosted by

CB gave me the cell, because he got him a new cell. The ultra-slim, uber-cool, Motorola Razr V3. Isnt it stunning?

Image hosted by

It has got perhaps everything under the sun that a cell could have. With 4X VGA Camera, aluminium finish and stunning resolution, it makes a bold personality statement.

I handed the 1100 to Abba. Waisay bhi that was meant for him. I was going to buy a new one anyways, but think 3220 will work :)

Friday, June 10, 2005

The saga continues...

But we wont listen...

I finally bought a cellphone. Actually I bought it day before yesterday, but the crooked person within me usually finds a way out at times like these. And decides to play equally wicked games (9Gurl?).

So finally, I bought Nokia 1100 as a temporary arrangement. But since I am such a freak for simplicity, maybe I ll keep it, provided I wont get bribed into taking the 3220 (read earlier post).

This is what 1100 looks like:

Image hosted by

And since I couldnt find my Mobilink sim (they would have closed down my line anyway), I took a Warid sim that I found in my house. The service is nice, although it gets "Network Busy" a few times.

But the most amazing part is the customer help center. For example, if you want to change the language, you call them, and are presented with choices. So select the choice. But the lady only says: "Please select your new language" (in Urdu, ofcourse). And then nothing. Nothing at all. Based on previous experiences you might be tempted to press 1, but then, "This is already your selected language". Encouraged, you would press 2. Voila! "Your selection is wrong!"


And then there is the endless loop if you want to hear about the new Warid offerings. You are always sent back to the same destination. Needless to say, its crappy, the lady's voice is kafi odd, and the sentences are always disjointed. Heck, they even use the word "mubligh"!!!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Where is the toilet??

Click to view larger image

I certainly dont wanna get stuck in here.

There is no place to do it Paki style either!

Saturday, June 04, 2005

A mobile saga

Finally I am really needing a cell phone. Really as in not just for fun, and not because I have to have a cell. Because I need it for communication. And duhh...

CB has offered that he'll give me his mobile phone, I just have to wait for a month or so. Although I am a little bored by that cell (because I've played with it for quite sometime now), but still, its camera is simply awesome. And I have frenzy of taking snaps nowadays. His is the 3220, a very nice cell.

Image hosted by

And its shape, design, its so cool. But a month?

That brings me to reminisce once more about my love. Yeah, my true love in cell phones. The one and only, 8210.

Image hosted by

Shocked? Its the epitome of elegance. Its small, handy, elegant, no-fuss etc. And it looks so cool in black! It was also my first cell. And was so devastated when it died on me. Sad, poor me!

I ll buy it again if I get a fresh piece. Sadly, all 8210s available in Pakistan are either used or refurbished. Heard they don't make em anymore.

My second cell, 8910, this was the uber-coolest cell around. Used by Tom Cruise in MI2 (I heard that from someone, dont remember khud say), all my friends went ga-ga over this cell. But then, some one wished too much upon it, and the sliding mechanism got faulty, and slowly, it went into oblivion.

Guess this cell isnt meant for a frequent user like me.

Image hosted by

So, I ve got this very rich taste in cell phones. And now, eight months when 8910 gave up on me, I am looking for another cell.

Aray haan, another cell that I feel very elegant is the 7650. Isnt it? Sadly, No more fresh pieces of this cell either :(

Image hosted by

Now I m thinking of going for 2600. Its cheap, and I think I ve fallen in love with its simplicity. But, CB advised me against wasting money on cell phones, and said that I should buy a real-cheap cell, like 1100.

Image hosted by

But I like 2300 more, this cell was my love-at-first-sight. Pluses: it has got FM Radio builtin. But it is priced at around 4,000+. Not that its a big issue, but I've heard that there is an inherent problem with this cell.

Image hosted by

Or the 1100, this cell is real cheap. Its simplicity is its strength. And the Warid Telecom people have comeup with this deal of 1100 + Warid sim at something around 3,000. Cool!

Now just that I have to make a decision. Should it be 2600, 2300, or 1100. Please help! Edit: I also had 8850, but I hated that cell, that's why I didnt bother to put up its pic.

What was my fault?

Image hosted by

Its time to move up, do something, and not just sit around condemning the acts of barbarism that we have witnessed. I got this in my inbox, and I must say, it conveys very effectively the thoughts of the innocent people caught in the brawl.

What Was My Fault?

I worked as a janitor to support my family, for a company, which originated in the States. The pay was better than what I could earn in similar capacity anywhere else. I was provided a square meal everyday and the people I worked with, Pakistanis, were very caring and supportive. Nobody discriminated or treated me differently due to my job and the fact that I am a Christian. I had joined the company two days ago.

Now as I hide, trembling in a walk-in refrigerator, from mindless people who have set the building on fire, I think of my family. The little sister who took great delight in a treat at the restaurant, especially the goody bag for children. My brother, who was rather proud of the fact that I had a job and was finally getting my life in order. My parents who anxiously waited for me after late night shifts and the questions they bombarded me with about my new job.

These thoughts are no longer consequential, as I lay charred among the debris of the restaurant. A soul deprived of its vessel. I had no allegiances or religious affiliations. A last question lingers with my departing breath to the arsonists - what was my fault?

I had joined KFC as team member about two weeks a go. I was finally getting the hang of the new job. Training and orientation were over and I had started to enjoy the work and the environment. I took great pride in interacting with the customers. Their smiles were immensely rewarding. I was looking forward to quickly progressing through the ranks.

It was Monday night; I had just finished my magrhib prayers, when the world went wild. Glass started shattering around me and people who seem well organized, and carrying containers of petroleum set my world on fire. In panic I ran to the only hiding space available, the walk-in refrigerator. I saw my colleagues there already suffering from smoke. I thought of turning back but was trapped. There was no way the mob was going to let us get out. Soon the choking smoke became a secondary consideration as the heat increased and flames started to lap at the opening of the doorframe. The flames caught on and as I painfully wasted away, all I could think of - what was my fault?

I am part of the maintenance team, my specialization is in refrigeration, Iwas visiting the Gulshan restaurant on routine trouble shooting of the walk-in refrigerator. Little I knew that it would become crypt. I had a lovely wife and children,my only regret with the job was that due to emergencies and timings I did not spend much time with them. Something, which I will never forgive myself for. As it is I can no longer spend any time with them. While my body blazed, I kept thinking of this and the fact that - what was my fault.

We are the security guards; we work for an agency, which is employed by KFC for their restaurants throughout Pakistan. They are good clients, we use to get good food and there are no major problems. Our job was to watch out for crime and protect the patrons. There were three of us. All our training had not prepared us for what transpired the other night. We were outnumbered completely and had to restrain ourselves from using our weapons. Unfortunately, the mob had no such considerations. They were out to maim and destroy. Our only option was to hide that we did, but could not from the flames, which completely gutted the building. As our body burns to ashes - the only thought is - what was our fault.

Whose fault was it then? The mindless mob, whose education and training dictates that any wrong, whoever the perpetrator can only be set right by the taking of life, incinerating property and injuring the innocent. I think even animals are better; they only kill for a purpose and not as a sport or protest. Six innocent lives lost through no fault of their own. The company may be able to compensate financially, but will the organizations which organize senseless acts of suicide bombings and destruction of life and property bring the bereaved families their sons and brothers back? Can they replace all the experiences, thoughts and process, desires, hopes, love that shaped these individuals and was part of their divine creation and a right? I do not think so!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


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Very subtle. Reflects my apathy very discreetly.

The recent bomb blast and the general upheaval has left us all shocked, to say the least. The NIPA KFC was burnt, literally to ashes. Its charred remains would remind us of the religious narrow-mindedness thats so very deeply imbedded in the local psyche. Six people were burnt alive at KFC. Six. That's three more than the number of people that went up in the blast. And who were they? A cashier, two waiters, an electrician, two guards. Who will pay for their lives? They werent victims of religious terrorism, they became victims of religious fanaticism.

Yes, fanatics. The upheaval-creation network in Karachi is really strong. The blast happened at around quarter to eight, and in fifteen minutes news of disruption came from as far as Numaish and Nazimabad. I smell something here. Don't you?

I wonder what will happen to the families of the victims. The Imambargah victims were almost all out-of-towners. But what will happen to the six burnt alive? Most of them would be the sole bread winners for their families. Who will bring them back? Most importantly, who would their families blame?

Resulting scene: the city is paralysed since two days. Cars are being torched sporadically, almost on the whims and for the amusement of the disruption-makers. Malir is off-limits for everyone. People are living in a sense of fear.

Network Programming and Computer Graphics exams are postponed. I was thinking too 9Gurl shouldnt have dropped Graphics. But then, who would have known...

I have deleted the stuff, and please gimme a few days to get over it. Atleast till the exams get over. The depression is great, and bp is high again.