Thursday, April 21, 2005

Of bad GRUBs and nice t-shirts

I messed up my pc again. Was fiddling with the GRUB loader and it puked the Windows boot loader. Now I could only boot into Linux. Ahh, those were days when Windows used to bamboozle the GRUB. Looks like GRUB had its revenge finally.

PS If anybody knows how rootnoverify(hda0, 0) chainloader +1 could work for my Windows XP, please let me know. I have a project pending and I dont wanna format the harddisk! :(


Just saw this shirt at Threadless. Looks cool, and besides I wanna wear it to university, especially to the Algorithms session. Image hosted by Guess what's written on it? Ah Munna, Eat Choo!

Am I being naughty? Should I show more respect to my teachers? :P

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