Sunday, July 23, 2006

The day

It inches near, slowly but confidently, until it's looming right on our faces.

I know I should be happy, *must* be happy, but I dont know. Our wishes are about to be granted, we are finally going to achieve what we're striving for the last three years, but I don't know. There's a big smile plastered across my face, but I don't know. People think I am the luckiest man on earth, but I don't know.

I wouldnt know it until I learn to overcome my shortcomings. Isnt the first step in problem-solving the identification of the problem? I have taken the first step, I need help through the rest. I dont want to feel I am trying for everything without any rewards. I dont want to be left alone.

I was an introvert, maybe somewhere deep inside I still have the tendencies, but I am trying to come out of it. I cannot be at gregarious the very next moment, it should be a gradual process.

I feel miserable, but I am shedding my skin. I am changing, and I want people to appreciate.

I accept my mistakes, and of those who are related to me. In no way I'd do anything to hurt anyone, nor I'd indirectly encourage any such activity. People have the tendency to misunderstand situations, and things do not always go exactly by our wishes.

Still, I love you, and I dont want you to feel alone.

So girl, welcome, officially, to my life. We are an irresistable team, and we will always be. Thanks for making my life technicolored!

Monday, July 03, 2006

It'll just take some time!

On my player and my lips these days:

Raghav, Lets work it out

So we had another date another fight
you break down, and cry
and you swear that its over
it seems you pack your bags like every night
girl I know inside
we can be so much more
everytime the smallest thing goes wrong you're out the door
you dont wanna deal with this pain anymore
why dont you understand that some things wont come so easy in life
work with me girl, it'll just take some time!

I'm not letting go
yeah girl thats for sure
wont catch me walking out
so okay, lets work it out!

at every single point you turn around
say I've let you down
that I no longer know you
how can you say to me that I've lost my way
when you're walking away

Once again here we go through that old procedure,
you scream that it's over between us
but I don't believe ya, (nah)
what you want an argument? well I aint speakin'
we come too far now, 'n i aint leaving
and if we got a problem let's get on top (of it)
we aint gotta (split), we can conquer (it)
but we gotta quit over reacting
imagine just last night we're romancing
false passion now we be clashing
i dunno what's happened, you go on a tantrum
as a man I'm making the first move,
u know i never do nuthin to blatantly hurt you,
we got a situation to work through
but patience is a virtue, well baby it takes two,

I'm not letting go
yeah girl thats for sure
wont catch me walking out
so okay, lets work it out!