Friday, April 08, 2005

A bitch would always be a bitch!

Bitchness is in the genes, you couldn't possibly root it out, or subdue it. I thought that she has mended her ways, what with her being all sugary. Guess a little discord goes a long way, especially for girls. That's why women are discouraged from being on an authoritative post, and I think that's pretty fine. Warna how would you possibly justify Bitch getting in the way and feeding BigBitch about all the wrong reasons, and then telling me, "You dont need to worry if you're capable!" Bitch, bitch, bitch! And if it so happens that it messes up with my plans, I promise that you'll have to pay, you faggot.


9jia said...

yeh kis k barai mai likha hai tumnai??? about me??? :S

uXuf said...

Ofcourse not about you! But about someone who is getting on my nerves these days at the univ!

She's a real bitch!

Owais said...

whats with ur language child???