Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Grand Finale 05

Sportics presents: Grand Finale 05! Catch the excitement as it soars, watch your favourite teams in action! Football, Volleyball, Cricket, Basketball and Table Tennis. Cheer for your mates, get into the groove! Dont miss it, there are no bytes this time around!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Jeenay ke liye

Gulshan ki faqat, pholoon say nahin
Kaanton say bhi zeenat hoti hai

Jeenay ke liye iss duniya mein
Gham ki bhi zaroorat hoti hai

[The beauty of the garden is not only from roses, thorns are equally beautiful
To survive in this world, sorrow is important too]

Ponder, ponder.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Why, oh why!

TallGuy, you might be a close friend of mine. You might have supported me in countless endeavours, endured my constant bitching, advised me through the messes i usually create, and generally proven to be someone called a friend. I have no doubt in agreeing to it.

But, I am sorry, when it comes to it, you must leave my work to me. Everybody in this world is not perfect in everything, and when there is someone perfect (or part thereof) in something, let him do that. You can try your hand in it, I dont mind, but here it is a matter of professionalism. After we make the presentation, after we hand over the project, you can do all of the tweaks and revamps you want, but not before it.

Just think of the impression it'll give when they'll be holding something else and watching something else, all the professional approach will pop with a loud BANG!

So please, stop being a jerk. You can go make the ERD and leave these things to me. Please!

Friday, November 25, 2005

GET 2005

Okay so the title would probably sound like the title of an earlier post, or that I am going to preach something or the other about how to get the better of you or how to conquer time etc, its not that. Its GET time again! The coolest event about FAST! (Well, not so cool, but cool nonetheless) Here is the logo: So the Gaming Extreme Tournament (GET) officially opened today for the intra-university matches. The inter-university matches will take place tomorrow. Coupla universities are sending their teams in to claim domination in Counter-Strike. They include CBM, SZABIST, IBA, NED, SSUET, TIP, CAMS and PAF-KIET. The intra-university matches included Fifa and Need for Speed: Underground as well. And there are 2 (or possibly 3) teams from FAST itself that shall take part in the inter-uni. So its gonna be totally cool and totally hip event, we even get to show the matches LIVE on wide screen at the auditorium :P How cool could it get :) So those who can accompany their respective teams tomorrow, do so! You dont wanna miss this!

Get Original!

Okay, so I know I haven't come up with something original for the last couple of days. But that's primarily because there seems to be a lull in the blogosphere, and the few people that I read regularly are either sleeping or have taken a sabbatical from blogging. That said, I had another reason not to post, that being the Compiler Construction Project Phase II - Syntax Analysis. To all those not-so-geeky around here, a compiler is a software that recognizes and translates programs written in a particular language to stuff that the operating system can understand. We're making a compiler for a subset of Pascal, that doesnt have anything with pointers and the original types are only integer and real :) That done, yesterday, when the program was supposed to work fine (in front of the TA), it just wouldnt recognize constants placed in it! Murphy Murphy... where art thou?! Damn. The TA asked us to fix the problem and that he'll be back in a few minutes and will continue thenceforth. But what the heck. It was Jia's birthday and we had a plan to eat out, so we ate out. Matlab leaving the TA wondering where on the earth are we. Matlab pestering the TA again tomorrow or on Monday to have a look at the project. Matlab having ultimate fun with Chicken Makhnie Handi and Chicken Green Tikka at Tandoori Hut at 4 pm :P Oh, and the Gelato Affair's Ghareeb wali icecream without the money, and the drinks that were never chilled. And how can I forget the 500 wala note that the TH people thought was fake, or it wouldnt be accepted or something like that. All in all, it was a great day :) Thankyou, all of my friends.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Budddddaaaaayyyyy Jia!

Keep happy and keep us all smiling The undoubted Gossip Queen :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Samay yunhi chalta hai Sama rang badalta hai Chupa chupa rehta hai Meri yaadon mein koi Din ke saray pehron mein Shaam ki udaasi mein Raat ke andheron mein Yaad ata hai koi Jhuki jhuki aankhon mein Ruki ruki saanson mein Kaisay janoon yaar pyaar ke kaisay kaisay rang raag hain... Chahta hoon pochoon ke Tu kaun hai kya naam hai Khwabon mein jo ati hai Mujhsay tera kya kaam hai Teri aankhon mein jo raaz hai Merey dil ne us ko paa lia Tere hontoon pe nahin kyoon aya Wohi geet jo meinay ga lia Jhuki jhuki aankhon mein Ruki ruki saanson mein Kaisay jaanoon yaar pyaar ke kaisay kaisay rang raag hain Jhuki Jhuki Jhuki Jhuki Shiraz Uppal

Monday, November 21, 2005

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

We Won!

Image Copyright: AFP, Modified Copyright: LifeDotCom
So Pakistan won, finally. By a *huge* margin of 22 runs. Everybody deserves strong thumps on their backs. Yayyy! It was sizzling to see Shoaib in action, and Kaneria spinning the ball magically. Even Inzi was diving enthusiastically... Talk about team spirit. :)

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Only for JonyDada :P

And you there. If you dont know who he is, visit his blog here, and look what I am talking about, here. :P

Happy Blogiversary

Well, so it marks a year now since this blog was estabilished. I am not gonna rue on how much I've lost, or wasted my time thinking about all the frivolous things I have written here. No. I am content with what I have done. I have made many friends in this short span, through this teeny-weeny piece of the large pie called the Internet. I have discovered buried friendships, reinforced my affection, and turned out to be a better person. So thats it. Wish you my bloggy, a happy wappy birthday :) [This post was supposed to be published on November 11, 2005]

Friday, November 11, 2005


Encountered at a pc at office today:

"Error 305: Keyboard error or no keyboard present, Press F1 to Continue"


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

That's hilarious!

Got the link from Kirna's blog. Found them immensely laughable. Brought back memories and the fine time that was spent on IRC 6-8 years back.
Ahh, those were the days!
Check them out here:
<Hiroe> he was dressed as a big fuckin devil
<Hiroe> like, HUGE costume
<Hiroe> 8-foot lizard wings, giant horns on the head
<Hiroe> at some anime con in california
<Hiroe> they were double booked with a southern Baptist group in the same hotel
<Hiroe> he's riding the elevator down to the con space
<Hiroe> doors open, little old baptist woman standing there
<Hiroe> he just says "Going Down" in his best evil voice

< robT> Name ONE thing that your windows comp can do that my MAC cant
< bawss> Right click.

#367896 +(4812)- [X]

<Fashykekes> Capitalization is the difference between "I had to help my uncle Jack off a horse.." and "I had to help my uncle jack off a horse.."

#139697 +(4844)- [X]

<frank> can you help me install GTA3?
<knightmare> first, shut down all programs you aren't using
frank has quit IRC. (Quit)
<knightmare> ...

#400459 +(4886)- [X]

<Sonium> someone speak python here?
<lucky> SSSSS
<Sonium> the programming language

#14207 + (4951)- [X]

<h|tler> HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU TELL THAT I'M 13 BY LOOKING AT WHAT I'M WRITEING?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

#329292 +(4954)- [X]

<Batty> Euch, rap is just missing one letter. c.
<zeep> rapc?
<Batty> ...
<Batty> Crap you idiot. you put the c on the other end
<zeep> oic
<Batty> Though you could also say it's missing an e
<zeep> wtf is erap?
* Batty bangs his head repeatedly against a wall

#365072 +(5103)- [X]

<xxxGirlygirlxxx> Thank you for listening to me.
<xxxGirlygirlxxx> You know your a really good listener.
<xxxGirlygirlxxx> Sweety please say something.
<Sandaedar> Ok I'm back.

#6460 + (5254)- [X]

<studdud> what the fuck is wtf

#262353 +(5927)- [X]

<MooseOnDaLoose> Hey Mike
<goatboy> what?
<MooseOnDaLoose> Pussy.
<goatboy> er?
<MooseOnDaLoose> Pussy.
<goatboy> and?
<MooseOnDaLoose> Pussy.
<goatboy> ...
<MooseOnDaLoose> Pussy.
<goatboy> i dont get it
<goatboy> bastard

#434593 +(5977)- [X]

*** Topic in #doghouse is 'Our hearts are extended to the 17 victims of the recent internet fraud'
* Anubis has joined #doghouse
<Anubis> what fraud?
<Kadmium> You haven't heard about it?
<Anubis> no?
<Kadmium> You can read the full story at
<Anubis> omg wtf!
*** Kadmium changes topic to 'Our hearts are extended to the 18 victims of the recent internet fraud'

#125283 +(6902)- [X]

<Jeedo> hey baby, whats up?
<Indidge> umm....nothing?
<Jeedo> So....want me to like come over today so we can fuck?
<Indidge> Wait....did you want to speak to my daughter?
<Jeedo> Yes  Mrs.Miller.. :-/

And the best:

#349567 +(7194)- [X]

Rabidplaybunny87: Okay, so my neighbors officially hate me
GarbageStan23: why?
Rabidplaybunny87: Well, me, david and andrew were having a bonfire in the backyard, and we were making s'mores and all... and suddenly we here sirens, and see a firetruck turn into the street in front of us.
Rabidplaybunny87: So we all went running to see what was up, and our neigbor's house was on fire!
GarbageStan23: oh shit!
Rabidplaybunny87: Yeah, and when we got there, the wife was crying into her husbands arms, and we were just kinda standing there, and then she saw us, and then like for 10 seconds, gave us the dirtiest look ever
Rabidplaybunny87: Turns out, we were still holding our sticks with marshmallows on it, watching the fire....
Rabidplaybunny87: talk about bad timing...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Now who has got a running nose here???

If you listen to Strings' "Sar kiye yeh pahar" really attentively, you can hear someone sniffing constantly in the background throughout the song.

Weird. Now that's what I call art!

Kya shaandaar naak payee hai aapney hazrat!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Oh! And here is more!

Whoops, did I forget? Thats really, weally stupid of me. I am so sorry, guys, blame my overworked mind!

To phir Eid Mubarak to you, and you there, and holla, to you too!! EM2u all then :P

Allah aap ko apnay hifzoaman mein rakhay n bless you with lots and lots of more happy eids with hordes of sheer khurma and shahi tukray :) [this is what I sent as a msg ;)]

Ab to koi maray ga nahin na mujhay? :P

Friday, November 04, 2005

No I am not ghussa. I am sad, and heartbroken, and possibly upset.

I hate myself for not being clear enough. I am sorry. I need therapy.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Visual Studio .Net 2003 Blues (and greens)

So there, it had to be. Murphy has to intrude everywhere. He and his stupid law; I am fed up of them both. How I wish I could get my hands on his neck... But then, I should get my hands on the necks of all the greats out there, including Newton, Einstein, Archimedes, Galileo etc, and that makes a long list. Mein to thak jaaonga! So the problem now happens with the execution of Visual Studio. It would build the programs, but wouldnt run it. There was a stupid error that something went wrong in the FPU, and its mask was reset (if it all feels Greek to you, please bear with me). The (stupid) error said: An unhandled exception of type 'System.ArithmeticException' occurred in system.drawing.dll Additional information: Overflow or underflow in the arithmetic operation. And nothing else. So I searched around, and came across Aaron's* (somebody at Microsoft) blog. I fired him a mail explaining my plethora and asked him for help. Poor guy, even his angels didnt know of such error. And he wrote to me: "I've done some searches on the internet and in some Microsoft discussion aliases and couldn't find any info that I thought would be helpful in this scenario. Any steps I suggest to you to try to fix this would end up being guess work and I'm afraid they may not work and would end up wasting time." OMG! If you guys cant, then who will? Ahh, I knew I had to do it myself. So I made my search extensive, and then stumbled across the solution!!! Fired a mail to Aaron again (this was the wicked me): Dear Aaron, I am surprised, but not disappointed. I searched through, and finally discovered that this kind of error would occur due to some malfunctioning device driver/program. In my case, it was Yahoo! Messenger's latest version. I uninstalled it and installed an older version, and now VS works fine.

I got to learn from it. Hope this would have been enlightening to you too.

Regards uXuf

LOL. I am sorry Aaron. I couldnt be sarcastic enough!

*Names are changed to protect privacy


Please bear with my NEW header image. Ofcourse this is a transient phase and the good ol image would be back again. I just couldnt stop laughing at this funny quirk and had to communicate it to all :) So what do you think of it?

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Okay, so I found this thing on Samar's blog pretty interesting. But I had no plan to do it on my blog. Khair, I have been tagged for it, so guess I have to do it! What I had to do: Go to Google, and search for "my_name needs". And post the results obtained. Principle one: The results should be hilarious. Principle two: No madeup results. Principle three: In doubt? See principles one and two... Here is what I need: Yousuf needs to be careful of the following (follows a long list of gibberish) Yousuf needs to be treated with respect. Yousuf needs an opening pair to provide a platform. Mr. Yousuf needs to get more of his colleagues involved in his plans to establish rule of law in Somalia. (???) Yousuf needs to stay there the whole way for us to have a chance. (Really!) Yousuf needs knowledge to reach these lofty goals. Yousuf needs 154 runs more to reach the 4000 Test runs mark. Yousuf needs another 2 catches to reach the 50 Test catches milestone. (I didnt know I played Test Cricket!) Yousuf needs fresh ideas for guests. Yousuf needs to work on that. Yousuf's garment needs to fit like a glove. (sheesh!) Yousuf needs the judiciary to be free from any kind of discrimination! Yousuf needs a snack & drink. Yousuf needs to flaunt the latest. Yousuf needs the water bottle to stand out. Yousuf doesnt need your permission. And the best: Yousuf. For all your shopping needs. I am tagging: s!d Raheel Extiinct (hey, u werent tagged! :P) Gul And everyone else :)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I am hooked

My house is being repainted. And I am drifting in the sweet aroma.
Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong gone! ~