Sunday, April 17, 2005


You'd be thinking, and I thought too, that what the fuck is that Yagoohlelgo (whatever) thing anyway? Turns out to be a fusion of Yahoo! and Google abilities. There is always a debate raging on which search engine is better, and this website brings the biggest two of the engines' results together, stacked side by side. So, if you need the power of two search engines, want diverse results, or just wanna be nasty and compare results, YaGooHoo!gle is the place to be. So what Asgeir S. Nilsen, the brainparent of YaGooHoo!gle has to say: "This site started as an April Fool's post on Slashdot, and the saying was that the fool wasn't even any good. I got a fair amount of hits with people searching for "haha", "funny", "april fool", and "bonesaw". Bonesaw?But then traffic rose. I started receiving feedback. The router crashed (I later found out that the DDoS-logic had kicked in). I've got several offers for hosting the site, and donations have started coming in." Well, Asgeir, thanks for a novel idea. I hope the donations keep pouring in, not to mention that the subscription thing is too much of a hassle, and that you are man enough not to benefit from the works of others. But still its great for people like Extiinct. And JD Guy, you should switch over to Yahoo!


Extiinct said...

you're right, yahoo/google[hehe, just so hard to pronounce and spell] is pretty cool. takes a bit of getting used to. but from the few searches i did's so much better!

but then for some stupid reason beyond my comprehension im still stuck on google too. is liye yahoo/google it is:)

uXuf said...

Well, simple it is: Ya-Goo-Hoo!-gle. Khair whatever, I also mispronounce it. But Yahoo/Google itnay mazay ka nahin!

And yeah you're right, my fingertips say "google" whenever my brain says "search".

But get into your thick wall what I wrote on the earlier post about page ranks :P

Anonymous said...

Yea YA-GOO-HOO-GLE rocks hard tasty abs washerboard stlye. i love it and one day i would like to have children with it. what is it anyway? google was pissing me off so i typed in goo"the fuck"gle and it sent me here lol so i thort id leave a message before i went. cya xx