Friday, April 29, 2005

Google... again!!

A reader recently sent me the following insight into the workings of Google: "Generally speaking, there are two types of search engines on the Internet. The first is called the searchable subject index. This kind of search engine searches only the titles and descriptions of sites, and doesn't search individual pages. Yahoo! is a searchable subject index. Then there's the full-text search engine, which uses computerized "spiders" to index millions, sometimes billions, of pages. These pages can be searched by title or content, allowing for much narrower searches than searchable subject index. Google is a full-text search engine." Well, that pretty neatly describes the working of Google. And turns out that this text is lifted straight from O'Reilly's Google Hacks book. Here I credit them, so they wont file a copyright infringement act against me. Which brings me to the question of how anonymous my internet life has become. If they do sue me for copyright infringement, then where'd they find me? Who is me anyway? uXuf is my pseudonym, my friends [online walay] dont even know where I live, who I am, what's my last name, or even whether I am a girl. Goo! There you go. And I might be using a proxy after all. Maybe I am not studying at a university, and all my stories about university life were actually about long lost days. I could be the Governor of Texas for all they know, or the Archbishop of Chicago. Well, who cares! Back to Google, and I am getting increasing hits with the search phrase "google sucks". Well, dont just act like ignorant people. Search around for what makes Google shape their policies this way. And this "google sucks" thing I sense is taking off like a mafia. Recently I landed on someone else's blog [I dont remember whose was it] and he had his own "Google sucks" post, and exactly the same comments that I had on my page [JD and anonymous] were on that page. Sniff, sniff, I smell a conspiracy here. Noone could be that consistent to paste the same comments on different blogs. And then, they aren't paying for their sites to show up in search results. So dude, get off their back. And if you want your site to turn up higher, pay Google! Here is someone who actually is grateful to Google for saving her ass. Pretty intuitive on her part. And finally Google saved someone for reasons other than searching for crappy assignments!

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