Wednesday, June 01, 2005


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Very subtle. Reflects my apathy very discreetly.

The recent bomb blast and the general upheaval has left us all shocked, to say the least. The NIPA KFC was burnt, literally to ashes. Its charred remains would remind us of the religious narrow-mindedness thats so very deeply imbedded in the local psyche. Six people were burnt alive at KFC. Six. That's three more than the number of people that went up in the blast. And who were they? A cashier, two waiters, an electrician, two guards. Who will pay for their lives? They werent victims of religious terrorism, they became victims of religious fanaticism.

Yes, fanatics. The upheaval-creation network in Karachi is really strong. The blast happened at around quarter to eight, and in fifteen minutes news of disruption came from as far as Numaish and Nazimabad. I smell something here. Don't you?

I wonder what will happen to the families of the victims. The Imambargah victims were almost all out-of-towners. But what will happen to the six burnt alive? Most of them would be the sole bread winners for their families. Who will bring them back? Most importantly, who would their families blame?

Resulting scene: the city is paralysed since two days. Cars are being torched sporadically, almost on the whims and for the amusement of the disruption-makers. Malir is off-limits for everyone. People are living in a sense of fear.

Network Programming and Computer Graphics exams are postponed. I was thinking too 9Gurl shouldnt have dropped Graphics. But then, who would have known...

I have deleted the stuff, and please gimme a few days to get over it. Atleast till the exams get over. The depression is great, and bp is high again.


Owais said...

good good...
so is everyone perturbed by the situation in the city. and you very well know what happened with us on the day of the blast. we were within close range of those so-called "religious" fanatics and just one stray piece of stone would have had my brain lying on the street. but by the blessing of Almighty Allah we came back home safe and sound though a bit late (2 1/2 hours ).

i know that many people still blame some unknown, unseen zealots and fanatics doing these mischieves. But have we ever pondered what have we done to make this world a better place to live. every now and then such events take place, but have we ever thought that we can do something to save people from such foolhardiness.

Unfortunately, in religion, to the surprise of many enlightened and educated, there is nothing like fanaticism or extremism or moderate or fundamentalist. Fanaticism or extremism is more related to ignorance and wrong orientation towards a cause no matter how noble it is. the perpetuators of the former thinking make these causes unresonable and ignoble.

On the other hand, us, the educated, civilized and cultured members of the so-called narrow-minded and archaic society find it very expedient to blame the fanatics who torch the vehicles and create chaos just like what America did after 9/11: started bagging every Muslim it could lays its eyes on and threatening whether you are with us or against us. We all have witnessed what happened. World has been pronouncedly polarized since then. America or the West, to be appropriate, didnt have the guts to look into its own collar on the premise that those who brand themselves enligtened and that too according to their own teachings, beliefs and judgements cannot be wrong. Evil is always the person without a face. And we have a face, unfortunately.

uXuf said...

Yes, I agree. Religion is only used as the driving force. Nobody could perhaps mobilize people in such a short time, for such a large-scale disruption, if it isnt preplanned.

But what troubles me is the status of the people that were at KFC. The people in the Imambargah, and the policemen, could rest assured that they were martyred defending a noble cause. But those arson victims... they don't even have someone to point out.

Very interesting is the role of the Police in all this. Sixty-five people were arrested for creating law-and-order situation in the city. I dont know what is the reason of picking up people AFTER all this happened. Where were they when these people were setting cars/shops on fire, harassing people and creating the law-and-order situation?

One should take a stroll from KFC to Gulshan Chowrangi to appreciate the deeds of the trouble-makers. They sure have scarred the face of Gulshan.

Anonymous said...

i hope ur over wid all the suff!!! ab post kardo new post plz i m bored wid this post now :S

Owais said...

y such comments need be annonymous...???