Friday, June 10, 2005

The saga continues...

But we wont listen...

I finally bought a cellphone. Actually I bought it day before yesterday, but the crooked person within me usually finds a way out at times like these. And decides to play equally wicked games (9Gurl?).

So finally, I bought Nokia 1100 as a temporary arrangement. But since I am such a freak for simplicity, maybe I ll keep it, provided I wont get bribed into taking the 3220 (read earlier post).

This is what 1100 looks like:

Image hosted by

And since I couldnt find my Mobilink sim (they would have closed down my line anyway), I took a Warid sim that I found in my house. The service is nice, although it gets "Network Busy" a few times.

But the most amazing part is the customer help center. For example, if you want to change the language, you call them, and are presented with choices. So select the choice. But the lady only says: "Please select your new language" (in Urdu, ofcourse). And then nothing. Nothing at all. Based on previous experiences you might be tempted to press 1, but then, "This is already your selected language". Encouraged, you would press 2. Voila! "Your selection is wrong!"


And then there is the endless loop if you want to hear about the new Warid offerings. You are always sent back to the same destination. Needless to say, its crappy, the lady's voice is kafi odd, and the sentences are always disjointed. Heck, they even use the word "mubligh"!!!

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