Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Taking on the world...

Truly Global?


JonyBr said...

Awww Masha Allah very cute kid, God bless.

And i dont know why it lets u log into my blog ...i do logout since the first incident :( i m using Fariya's net, u using the same?

uXuf said...

Lol, I knew. Its just a matter of time to pin point your exact location :D

Waisay yeah we are the same people, let down by the same cable wallahs, fuming and bitching.

Anyways, happy blogging!

JonyBr said...

Sir ji, true no harm done yet but we both stay vulnerable. Jaleel has hundreds of users, what if some naughty kid gets into our blogs ?:D

Akanksha said...

Hi I'm Akanksha from India.
I just happened to come across ur blog n saw the sidenote on Meera. It made me wonder if people in Pakistan appreciate what she did.
I've seriously not been following all this thing about her acting in Bollywood. All I know is that the movie flopped miserably and some controversy on an obsene scene. And btw, the reputation of Bhatts(producer) in India is seriously low. They've always seeked publicity thru evey way possible.

uXuf said...

JonyBr: Lets cross our fingers, and pray. And lets make a vow to signout from blogger everytime we are done. :(

Akanksha: The sidenote on Meera was only for fun. You see, I am not an avid movie watcher, nor I have watched any Meera movie (including Nazar). But since those pics were put up when this controversy was relatively new, and people had to see it to believe it. And since I was closely tracking my visitors, I saw that most of them werent directed to the right page, so goes the sidenote.

And no, I have no problem whatsoever with Meera acting in any Indian movie, or any Hollywood movie (read another post) either.

Lets be concerned about more important things. Like soccer :P

JonyBr said...

And just few min ago i found myself logged in with ur name :) almost the same time when u wrote comments in mine.