Friday, June 24, 2005

Hooking up

These days I am hooked to Meekal Hassan Band (MHB). Their songs "create a deep connection with my spiritual self". Getting sufi deep inside? I so loove these alternative tracks. And in the same breath goes Nusrat Fateh Ali, as well as Abida Parveen and Pathanay Khan and Ustad Amanat Ali. And I just came across the "explanation" for MHB's "Rabba" video: "The concept is about a person who is not normal by regular society's standards. The director chose to exemplify the character's unique nature/gifts by giving him a globe covered with newspapers as part of his head. This contraption literally sets him apart and the video is about how individuals who are unique are treated by 'normal' society. The newspapers are indicative of how any person is flooded with the media telling us what is good or bad and what is acceptable or unacceptable. The character goes through four or five different actions wherein he attempts to adapt to normal everyday experiences,yet at each attempt he is left bewildered and hopelessly out of place. His ultimate resolution is to take the newspapers, make paper planes of them and throw them away,because to him the messages they are sending are irrelevant, since any individual has to find the truth of their existance for themselves and not rely on other sources to tell them well them what they are or not and what they should be or not." This could be VERY irrelevant to you, but you see, everybody has a right to information. And I was thinking, why make a video when a layman couldnt grasp it on the first view?


BaptizedLucifer said...

i miust be super smart, coz i did figure it in the first go... :P neat vdo! Mekaal has a girly voice. lol. ok, that was irrelevant... :-D

uXuf said...

Lol, guess I am pretty dumb.

But why make a video that you'll have to "explain" on the website?

Yes, I saw this thing on their website :P

BaptizedLucifer said...

haha most peopel do that now, explain their vdos... for ppl like u ;-) u know when uve come up with somethign really cool for the first time, u wanna EXPLAIN it to tell peopel who WOW u are... know what im saying? :) heh well a person with as big an ego as i have can relate to that hehe

uXuf said...

Hehe I got the concept of the video though, but still cant get into my thick mind the *concept* of telling people how WOW are you.
Oh geez! I think I never really had to tell people how WOW I am, they always knew themselves. Maybe that's why.
*Looks around disdainfully*