Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A new method

This guy boards the bus, looks like a Sindhi but accent says he is not. Starts begging, you know, the usual rant of how six kids are waiting at home, they are hungry and all he wants is to buy some mattresses for them etc. Seems this does not work. Tries a new gimmick, pulls out a paper from his pcoket. Proclaims that he had just turned Muslim, and we, being Muslims, should help him since he has just converted to Islam. Recites loudly "La Ilaha Ill Allah, Mohammadur Rasool Allah". Waves the paper in the faces of the passengers, a letter from some madressah announcing him as a Muslim, proper with dates (Islamic too). A few people hand him some coins. There was this elderly person sitting next to me, looked degenerate. He fumbled in his pocket, and came out with a two-rupee coin. The newly-turned-Muslim/beggar saw this, and sort of lunged towards the money. Now this elderly person beckoned him, and in a shrill voice bellowed: "Mussalman hogaye?" The NTM/B replied: "Haan!" EP: "Kalma sunaao!" (in the same shrill voice) NTM/B: (repeats the kalima again) EP: "Rasool Allah nahin, Rasool Ullah! Rasool Ullah!" I am confused for a while, but it dawns on me that this EP is right. Its not "Rasool Allah", it is "Rasool Ullah" meaning "the Prophet of God". And now when I think about it, I just realise that how many of us (including me) use the phrase "Rasool Allah", without understanding the literal meaning. Remember how elders (and maulvis) used to scold us on proper pronounciation of Arabic? That a little mistake of zer, zabar, pesh can change the whole meaning of the word!! I am marvelled at the works of God. How you can be taught so important things in such trivial events! God bless us all. And what I think about those that beg on the name of Allah (they all do, dont they?): Why dont they just realise that Allah has promised that He would not let any soul sleep hungry? On a side note, I stumbled about this post about "Blogging: an Islamic Perspective", and I must say, its very enlightening. A little excerpt: In essence, blogging about one’s personal life is similar to writing a journal entry and then posting it outside one’s house or at a street corner for all to read. There isn’t anything really wrong with doing that (if one wishes to be so public about one’s private life), as long as one doesn’t divulge any information that doesn’t lead members of the opposite gender to envision and imagine the author, and doesn’t let their hearts and minds become impressed and eventually lean towards the author. Now, that may seem simple, but the fact is that nobody can really ascertain as to what may cause the above in the minds of the opposite gender. It may seem tempting to write-off this whole notion by saying that what goes through the minds of the readers is not the responsibility of the author. While that may hold true for truly objective pieces of work and in matters of true need, the onlookers would not be completely to blame for not “lowering their gaze” if a muscular, handsome man wearing boxers and a t-shirt were to unnecessarily walk through a group of women. The bulk of the blame would fall squarely on the shoulders of the one committing the unnecessary action, though the onlookers would be responsible for continuing to look even after they knew they weren’t supposed to. Yes, its pretty accurate. Sadly there isnt a permalink provided so anyone interested would just have to find it on Pseudo-Genius's blog. But I recommend reading it, although its a bit long. Rabba Merey Haal Da Mehram Tu....


Jon said...

TOTAL disagreement with whatever was mentioned on Pseudo's blog. This is what I said there:

"The Prophet & his companions, including his wives & other females of that time have several books written about their personal lives with every detail outlined.

Also, people write their autobiographies & memoirs etc.

Blogs are no different.

And regarding this:

"Just think: is a personal journal blog truly needed? Do you really want to share your personal details with the world? Is it really worth it? Do you really want strangers (guys and girls) reading about your life? Do you want your life to be indexed by Google?"

I'm pretty sure that once someone starts to blog, he or she KNOWS that strangers would read about his/her life & is TOTALLY ok with it. Otherwise they simply wouldn't blog, would they ?

uXuf said...

Yes, that hit me as a little odd, that's why I posed that question at the blog.

But there is some element of IT in it. I dont know for sure, and I am not quitting blogging in the near future either.

So let's try to read the whole post again. I just recommended it, never said I read it all :P Hehe.