Sunday, May 29, 2005

Back to Meera

The eagerly waited romantic thriller, Nazar, has officially been released. I ll get my hands on the movie as soon as I get faarigh from my exams :P Meanwhile, we have loads of Meera to keep our hands full. Check it, she is pretty amusing. Meera, on the release: "bohot aachi movie hai, aap zaroor enjoy karenge" [Its a very nice movie, no doubt you'll enjoy it] Every Pakistani heroine's movie is like that! duhh!! Talking to the reporters at a press conference marking Aaj TV buying the rights for airing Nazar: “Aab court aap ki ball mein hai!” (Now the court is in your ball) Lol! No, that accounts for a LOL! On the scene: "There was some thought being given to delete the kissing scene, but I hope that has not happened yet. I myself have to see whether the shot is there or not. If it has been deleted, I will certainly feel disappointed. I stand by what I have said time and again - what I did was right and I have no reason to worry. I still maintain that the kiss is part of beginning the process of friendship between the two countries." Like her kiss would bring India and Pakistan together in a lip-lock too. Pretty symbolic, she is. I guess who is feeding her the lines... I dont know whether the scene has been struck off or not, as I have yet to watch the movie. Please keep me updated. During an interview with IANS: "I have really liked bold themes like 'Jism' and 'Murder' and if I were to choose between 'Mughal-e-Azam' and these two movies, I would prefer 'Jism' and 'Murder', as they reflect contemporary reality" I can't comment. And on her name: "My name is Meera. In Pakistan 'Meera' means 'Mine'. It is not the same as the Indian 'Meera'. I don't have any surname." Where is Pakistan? Since when does Meera means Mine? Hello? Is Pakistan the only place where people speak Urdu? Or is Meera [the actress] is synonymous with Mine? Or is this Mine as in coalmine, or minesweeper? *Rolls eyes* During a chat: "Firstly, I am a very famous actress in Pakistan. I became a superstar in Pakistan at the age of 16. When I used to walk on the roads, college kids used to run after me. I have seen fame since I was 15, so fame does not mean anything to me. I am a respected actress in Pakistan, and in future I will be a respected actress in India also." I wonder! Khair, thats all, enough of Meera and her Nazar. If she had clearer insight that would have been better than Nazar, and without all the controversy. But then, controversy is good for showbiz people. So there you go, Meera! Keep making nice films and item numbers, they are always good!


Jon said...

I did a short review of Meera's film on my blog, and I must say the film is GOOD and you'll thouroughly enjoy it if you like Bollywood films.

Meera has acted very good. Better compared to her Khoye ho tum kahan etc.

And the fact taht she's been dubbed over is a plus also. No meera's bad english & hoarse voice.

Also, no french kissing scene that I remember. I think it was edited out.

uXuf said...

Oh my, believe me I m such a BAD Pakistani, I havent seen a single film featuring Meera!

Bad bad me!

I do plan to watch it after my exams, though the inspiration has been lost. Both for Meera, and me.

They shouldn't ve edited out the liplock. Now how'd the film reflect "contemporary reality"?

Pajia said...

chalo kardya mai nai tumko comment although mera koi interest nahi hai meera mai :P

Teeth Maestro said...

I have heard there are NO kissing scence, either they have been edited out - but seems meera achieved the hustle bustle that she has always wanted.

I would seriously worry if a decent women cries foul at being picturised in a kissing scene, but when I heard about Meera, my first reaction was what is she bitching about, its the same society that gave her this much fame and now its gone to her head and considers herself as a decent women.

But thats just my opinion - you can and will disagree but I feel when she agreed to be picturised and acted through the scene the producers should not have censored it out, and let the MMA dogs have a ball game, it would have taught a good lesson to all future actresses to beaware and have respect for the muslim world and nation and not get involved in such a scene. I have seen still pictures of Meera in the wet kissing scene but seems that the producers have made their quick buck with all the controversy.

uXuf said...

Thats nice. And all the time I was thinking that all this is cooked up and the kiss isn't there in the first place.

But still, as I said, controversy is good in whatever form it is.

And no I wouldn't disagree, infact I was looking forward to it. You know, such a scene would verify many facts, atleast to a lesser segment of our society.

Shouldn't our actresses feel uncomfortable doing scenes like that? Or is it just in the line of duty?

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