Saturday, March 26, 2005

Omer Kureishi died!

KARACHI, March 14: Legendary cricket writer and commentator Omer Kureishi died today. He was 77 and left behind a son Javed Kureishi to mourn his death. He was rushed to the hospital last Monday (March 7) after an attack of Asthma. Omer Kureishi wrote for various newspapers for nearly half a century and his columns were regularly published in daily Dawn. He become famous for his cricketing commentary pairing with Jamshed Marker which delighted listeners in fifties and sixties. Damn! Why did he have to die? And die so soon? A few more years of witty and humorous writings wouldn't have been too much a bother. And why, when I was away from the city? March 14, I was at Lahore. Preparing for my trip back home. I didnt even know it. I didnt have time to be in shock. Although the shock now is too great. Oh how I'd miss his witty columns, and all his views about the cricket setup. But I guess, everybody has his time, and his time just ran out. May he rest in peace.


Afghan LORD said...

Hi neighbour, How are you doing?

9jia said...

oh yesterday u were talking abt ur nieghbour!!! n now he/she z here!!! :P

uXuf said...

I am as surprised as you are, that I've got such a nice neighbour about whom I didnt know earlier.

Anyways, welcome, neighbour. I am doing good.

9jia said...

heehheheehhe .... it means tht u r a bad neighbour!!! :P
anyways welcome uxuf's neighbour!! :)
n yeah i m his frnd n i'm doing gud too!! :P