Thursday, March 03, 2005

The IBM people...

It was supposed to be three people from IBM, and it was supposed to be held in the Conference Room. But alas! It didnt happen as it was supposed to. There was only this one guy from IBM, and he was all the time in Ayaz Ahmed's room. We had to discuss the project with him at the office. And then, there werent enough seats! Standing and trying to convince him enough was a tiring job. We almost had a backache. But I think that was worth it, he seemed convinced enough. Now just hope that his superiors buy the idea. It would be cool enough then, working for IBM, although its Equinox, but it doesnt matter at all! Now just have to mail this IBM guy a souped-up project charter, and have to discuss with him the modules and the timeplan. And then maybe we could get the job, alongwith resources provided by IBM! That sounds so cool! You can read about Equinox here.

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