Sunday, March 20, 2005


They were naive, to say the least. They came for us just as we had finished smoking pot. We were huddled in a corner, just off the main corridor at the campus. It was Saturday, a low activity day all along. It was me, and a female friend [isnt it an era of female liberty?]. And they thought we were cuddling up, getting mushy. Indeed. We were taken to the Administrative Officer [or someone, I am not required to remember, am I?]. They gave us a lecture on how CS undergrads should and should not waste their precious time. They even proposed that they are willing to contact our respective homes should we feel inclined for a possible betrothal, but no, no wasting time like this: there are times when there is only God who is watching. And then the golden quote: "I hope we will not meet for this reason again." Sure we won't. You don't know the real thing, dudee. We aren't schmoozling. Contact us when you need fresh pot at the university, free of cost [Introductory offer, ofcourse]. P.S. I know its not good practice to smoke weed at the university, but hey, what the heck?!


uXuf said...

I dont know, anonymous. And hey, 9jia, you sure wont know about this anonymous girl :P

Dun worry I've just smoked with her, and not dilly-dallied!!

uXuf said...

Haan exactly what I was trying to say! Tum hoti kon ho kuch kehnay wali!! :P