Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Feeling (not) well!

Looks like I am under some curse. Cant get my mind working, and there is this throbbing in my head that renders me useless for any effort. Doctor doctor, where are you? Gotta go to the APL plant tomorrow. Their development system is offline. And I dont know a heck about what the system is exactly about. Its Excellency FactoryLink 7.1 sahab refused to get installed on my system. Fine, what you want, dork. They'll get me a new system at the office, and I'll do all of the fixing there! Nice, isnt it :D WebWave 2005 was a success, to say the least. The event went in the smoothest possible manner, and finally everyone was content. CP even thanked me, and I was like magnanimous, "There is nothing to thank about, really!" Guess she's dropping hints, but I am booked, already. I think the Josh guys did a really nice job, coming up with an album like that. I especially like Kabhi and Josh Naal. These days they are on my Media Player, alongwith Raghav, and ofcourse, Aaroh and Atif [okay dont snicker, but Atif is a hit with Addat]. And could anyone translate this for me: [Josh, ofcourse] Aj nachke dikha de sanu haniya vele khushyaan de nit nahin aunyaan Gida pa sade naal hun goriye badi sohni lagi ganay diye boriye Oh hadyaan na tut jaan teriyaan gide'ch pade hanariya Oye Josh nu na aj tokhnan achdeyaan nu na hun rokhna Yep, I can make the most out of it, but still it gets me stumped in a few places, like "Gida pa sada naal hun goriye" and "gide'ch pade hanariya". I am just curious :)


9jia said...

dr is dere but u r running away from him!!! lozerrrrrrrrrr
n by the way who is CP??? mai nai tumhari web ki mails mai bhi cp ki story parhi thi!!! but dunno k yeh hai kon???
Now start feeling WELL!!! otherwise ...........

uXuf said...

CP is something, or maybe someone, get to know yourself!

and I am feeling a little better now :)

9jia said...

ufffooooooooooo ... mai yeh post parh parh k bore hogaayee hun!!! post something new!!!!!!!!!!

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