Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Of pretty faces and odd accents

So I am back. Back from a tiring journey, from the harsh weather, from the mismanagement and the same menu for three days, from dance parties and ultimate khuwari, I am back from it all! The trip to Lahore wasn't as bad as it could've been. The Softec guys had done hardwork, but most of their hardwork was directed in the wrong direction. When you are working on something for eight months, things tend to get forgotten at the last moment, and you overlook the details. For example, on the day when the participants had to report in, there was no one to escort them. Some of the people complained that they had arrived at two in the afternoon and they were catered to at eleven in the evening. The accomodation was arranged in a PTCL Hostel just off Tufail Road, Cantt. Though there is nothing to say wrong about the accomodation people [Raza, you rock!], there werent enough buses to transport the participants to and from the campus. This hostel is around 30-45 minutes duration from the Lahore campus, and there were only two buses to cater all of the hundred or so local participants, as well as the international participants. So it worked like they used to pick up the international students first [they were accomodated in a separate hotel], the buses dropped them off to the campus, and then they came for us local participants. Just imagine it, more than a hundred people, and only two buses. The buses usually made two/three trips to transport them all. Then at the main entrance, there was no one to welcome the guests, or the participants. They were supposed to find their own way through the event. Atleast there should've been a team of GR people to take the guests on a tour. They made us eat the same thing through out the event. Something like biryani [without the masala] and qorma [without masala too]. This was the menu when I decided to eat at the campus. On the closing ceremony, I didn't even bother to go to the eating area. I had too much of it. Yes, I did encounter a couple of good faces. Lahori girls are naive, to the say least. Or maybe, Karachi guys are too scheming. You just need a cute face and a straight accent to take them into groove. Yep, I was asked for my correspondence [read email] a couple of times. And I was happy to provide it. I just hope they contact me soon [I'll have something to look forward nationwide then :P] And I have the pictures that I'll put up soon. Looks like this week's gonna be Softec week! Thanks for supporting me [You know I am talking about you].

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