Friday, January 07, 2005

What more should I say?

Thanks to the creator of the Sasser worm, my system is puked. Add the burden of running Visual Studion .NET 2003, and you'll have some idea of the throughput I am getting. The worm conveniently crashes the local services server (lsass), and since I am on a network, opens connections to hordes of other systems. That bogs down my system like anything, and to top it off the cut-copy-paste operations are rendered useless because of the lsass crash. I salute to whoever devised this worm, a pretty nice way to bring Windows on its knees. Although I read about his (sasser's creator) arrest, I haven't followed up to the trial (I wonder if it's being taken place). According to PCWorld, this was a 18 year old German, Sven Jaschan, who created this worm. He says he wanted to make a virus, Netsky, to remove MyDoom and Bagle from infected computers. Now how he ended up creating Sasser and crashing millions of other systems boggles my mind. Thanks Almighty my Linux is invulnerable to these petty differences, so I can manage a life. But I have to survive with XP too, to keep the family and VS. NET happy! You can read more about this news here.

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