Thursday, January 27, 2005

The saga continues...

And just what I was fearing really did happen! The management had to mess up with atleast something, and now they ve come up with this list of enrolled students, with only 75 students each in Network Programming and Digital Image Processing. The DIP seats are offered on the basis of CGPA, while the NP seats are on first-come-first-serve, or rather first-submit-fee-first-get-seat basis. Hamad put it in the right perspective when he said that this looks like a race, you submit the fee as early as you can! Anyways that has messed up my plans, I had to take NP, and now my name isn't in the list. I guess I'll talk to Ayaz Ahmed for a seat, because he is teaching that course.

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Anonymous said...

gas who? ;)
and mail moi the gas answere :p