Monday, January 31, 2005

And then...!

I am still undecided about the courses. Rumor is that Business Communication [BC] is nothing but Communication Skills aka Technical Report Writing. Somebody went to FS to ask about it and she seemingly confirmed it, saying, "Aap logon ko kya zaroorat hai yeh course leney ki yeh to aap pehley hee parh chukey hain!" Hmmmm, that is interesting enough. Anyways, we already were pondering over dropping the course, and taking Computer Graphics instead. BC is all presentations and stuff, a course that is supposed to be offered in the freshmen and sophomore years, not in the last semester of the junior year! So the majority of the population is dropping Digital Image Processing and BC and instead going for Compiler Construction and Computer Graphics. And I have decided for Computer Graphics too. Lets hope it wont be too much of a burden for me!


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