Saturday, January 01, 2005

A new start - Say bye to cellphone snatching

Mobile phone theft has really shot up in the city of Karachi. Most of the guys in my social circle had gone through this ordeal. In most of the cases, it was snatched. There were a few cases when it was just stolen. And that was that. There was nobody a person could turn to in this event. You see, the Police can't help, primarily because they are inefficient, because a cellphone theft doesnt merit a place in actual theft. And then, when murders go unabated, undetected, then what's a cellphone? Finally some nice souls gathered to find a solution to this surmounting problem. What they have done, is that they have build software to counter cellphone theft. There are three easy steps, when you purchase a new cellphone, or if you are concerned about you current one:

  1. Visit their site
  2. Fill up the form and your International Manufacturer Equipment Identification (IMEI) number
  3. And cross your fingers

And then if you still be the unlucky one to get your phone snatched (or stolen) or lost, you can mail them, or can call 2743390/2743392. I have heard that the Police (finally!) can also be approached for help, you know, Madadgar 15!

Anyways this is a good notion, although they haven't mentioned what the website is.

You can read more about this here.

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