Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The interminable gap...

It would just look like that I am through with blogging, that my interest has waned, but sadly, that isnt so. Just that I have got a new interest, or rather an interest that has resurfaced! Yep, I am playing Counter-Strike these days, and playing it like anything. There was this long loll of my interest in playing CS, when I was [supposedly] busy in studies, but I guess I am back in the market. Its been raining like anything since yesterday afternoon. Got a rather chilly atmosphere with mercury dipping to 18 degrees (according to the official broadcast), but I rather think it was somewhere around 14-15 degrees. Think, that is chilly enough for us here. What would happen if someday out of the blue we get snow showers? Frozen, to say the least. It was only light showers, and the Met officials say that all their observatories around the city had recorded less than one millimeter of rain. I wonder that, with the showers continuing across the afternoon, we got only less than one millimeter? And then: Mr Mehmood said winter showers were a regular annual feature and the city received rains almost always in December, January and February. I wonder that, again. I am living in this city since twenty years [I was born here :D] and I dont remember rains being a regular annual feature. Anyways, the Met department people are like that. I have met some, and they dont even know their right from their left. God help 'em, and us!

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