Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The FASTian trivia

So it was the first day of the sixth semester. I've been enrolled in all courses that I wanted, atleast unless there is no peculiarities from the management [read authorities]. My Radix status is now submit fee, which means that [ofcourse] I need to just submit the fee, the courses have been approved! And then, just out of the blue, the management decide to tinker with the existing sections. A few people from all sections have been shifted to the next section, ofcourse the exception being our section, mainly because our section [D] has no section after it! I wonder they would have been mulling over sending us onto the sophomore batch, had this been feasible. Mughiz has been shifted into our section, and he was [seemingly] unhappy about it. Hassaan finally got a haircut, a nice counter-strike style, of which his mom his pretty excited about. She asked me especially to look out for his hairstyle which was cool (according to her) and shareef too. No doubt he looks way bit shareef now!

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