Sunday, January 02, 2005

Damn XP!

All the more reasons to hate XP. I dont know. Maybe people would think I am too biased in favour of Windows 98 and hating XP, but simply put, I cant help it. And I dont think I am wrong either. The Architecture project demo is tomorrow, and Adnan had all the source code. I had to install VS .Net, so I brought all the source code and .Net setup. But no! Thou shall not leave before XP's vengeance is unleashed! I dont know what vengeance! But it did give me a headache. It messed with the ISA client, puked some file, and wouldn't finish the IIS setup. Talk about streamlined ease and programs running up faster, I have got a system whose performance has touched rock bottom, thanks to XP. I really think Microsoft people should start supporting 98 again. Its such a baby. Atleast it doesnt give headaches!

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