Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Okay I reviewed the site. Looks great. My opinion is just that we change the blue wala image in the background. Reason: Too many people have seen it already, if that is in place, wouldnt feel like we have revamped everything. Regarding reviewing the website and checking the "broken" links, I have yet found everything in order. Nice work on that regard. Logged in on the libms ver 1.3.8! It logged in nicely, just another prompt appeared besides the login to xeon prompt, that was from my firewall. I dont see any reason this should be invoked. Anyways, Library first page is nice, but then, it seems that it was supposed to be in the center of the screen somewhere. And it is floating somewhere to the left of the center. Maybe it should be on the top, like the subsequent library pages are. And I dont know what's the difference between Virtual Library and Main Library. Still when I try to "Enter the Main Library" the LibMS application encounters a Runtime Error. Acha still I dont think we have the concept of a CSS being applied in the libms site. Or CSS isnt compatible with ASP? (Yet I dont think so). This is because the first page has text in Times New Roman (imagine that) and the subsequent pages are in Verdana. Just that for the library CSS should be applied for all text in one font and the content should be aligned either on the top or at the center. And last but not the least, shouldnt WebMasters be credited too on the library page?! Time table wouldnt work besides the first page. Means it doesnt bring out the real time-table, as somebody had pointed out earlier. Committees/Communities: What is it exactly? Communities or Committees? And we are Webmasters, not Webmasters's. And then there should be some space (vertically) between the committees descriptions. Sorry for diverting to design fundamentals here but I think it is a necessary component of successful web development. Lab Introduction: We re missing the Open Source (Linux) lab. Isnt it a vital and refreshing addition to our campus? Contact Us: Where did the Shah Latif Campus came from? Or was I ignorant all along! I heard it was Main Campus or Karachi Campus. The last thing, we need some space again between the last spacer bar (the blue one) and the tag text and webmasters logo. And it would look good if it appears in the center, like the Powered by Interact appears in the Forum. And the top navigation bar is redundant when we have it in the left pane. It could fit in if we put it in the bottom of the page. Phew! So that was the complete review/checking/design tutorial of our internet/intranet website. I hope our people like it! Nice work folks, though I wasn't of much help. I ll sure be available for any (and every) thing after the finals. Thats my promise to all of you, especially Tafseer, Yamin and Rabia! Visit the web at

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