Friday, December 03, 2004

Annual Dinner

So tomorrow is Annual Dinner. The only event held (almost) regularly at FAST-NU Karachi Campus. And with some dignity. The last one was held in May 2003, that was during the semester break. EP performed live then. Aaroh will be performing tomorrow. There is another upcoming band called Inertia that will be their today too. Hope it is good. I dont know about the other universities but we are being charged Rs. 150 for the entrance ticket. I feel it as a bit of a burden as to the university students shouldn't be charged any money for such events, especially when DECS gets such a large amount of budget. Couldn't the DECS people alongwith the university bear just one event's burden? Conspiracies galore! As yet of today I haven't got the money to support my Annual Dinner saga. I dont know if I'll be going tomorrow or not. Lets see it there and then.

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