Friday, December 24, 2004

The Humanitarian element and AMD 2.4G processor...

I hate to admit it, but it was a really stupid thing to do! At the "Capture the flag" contest, there were an additional 100 points of decryption. There was a message, hosted on a webserver and in encrypted form. The team that would decrypt the message first would get the points. Our bad luck, we couldn't connect to the server. There was some problem, and since we had almost completed our competition, Ali was pressing me to leave the place for home. So we informed the admin, and left our workstation. In the meantime we decided to check on the rest of our teams. Now the sopho guy, who was competing alone, was trying to decrypt this message. Although it wasn't a tough one, I wonder why people didnt get the basic thing. And the winner team also didn't get it! Ali spotted the first phrase, that had to be "Hey,". Now from now on it was an easy ride. The mistake: Ali told the sopho guy they decryption technique, and we were simply robbed off the 100 points. Man! Was I mad at Ali! We could've atleast got 100 points yaar! Ali said that it was of no use anyways because we had already declared. Yeah Right! We had declared but we weren't out of the game...! Now I hear today that sopho guy was the runner up, with some hundred and twenty so points. Our 100 points! And he got a brand new AMD 2.4G processor! Duhhh....!!! I hate you Ali!

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