Thursday, December 02, 2004


Been off for too long? Well, I was Linuxed. The Computer Communications assignment turned out to be a piece of cake. Just had to make a PC a router and then to route packets through it. Easy, isn't it? Yet nobody had a clear cut idea of what had to be done until today. I was linuxed the whole day yesterday; and today. Strange, its just a phase. You are just linuxed, like you are astonished, or flabbergasted, or disgusted still. The sudden explosion of Linux on this scene of our batch has left many a mixed feelings. There are those who complain about its lack of user-friendliness. Then there are those who just want to get the work done, and finally there are those (like me) who actually feel powered and sustained by that console window. Yer, I feel a certain thrill in it. Back to serious stuff now. I installed RH 9 today. Finals are starting (probably) from December 13. I'll get back to my preparations later. I still have to work up on Differential.

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