Monday, December 27, 2004

Demographics de Orkut

The Orkut people had displayed the demographics of their service, how many people are there, which country has the most users, the age group of most of the users etc. The most users are from Brazil, no sweat in that. Then comes USA, then Iran, then Pakistan. I was astonished to see that Pakistan had leapfrogged into the fourth place over India. When I had earlier seen these demographics India was in the fourth place and Pakistan in the fifth. Looks like Orkutting is a fast growing phenomena in Pakistan! Most of the users (55.94%) are between ages 18 and 25, 88.69% are interested in friends, while 51.56% are single. A whole 20.75% people decided not to give any answer about their marital status. Country List: Brazil 61.99% USA 10.85% Iran 7.71% Pakistan 2.96% India 2.41% Canada 1.17% UK 1.11% Estonia 1.10% Japan 0.96% Germany 0.62% Its amazing to see Iran and Pakistan have more users than countries like United Kingdom, Japan and Germany. I won't comment about Brazil, its a large country, with a large population. And it seems its people are really infotech savvy. Same is the case I feel is with Iran. Whenever I search for a technological community at Orkut I am assured to find a Brazilian and an Iranian flavor of that community. Interesting, huh! Orkut provides an option to provide hometown and an option for location. Now I dont know that this list is based on the hometown version of the country or the location version. Ofcourse hometown is where you are actually from and location is the place where you are currently at. Maybe they will resolve this ambiguity. You can view the Orkut page here if you have an Orkut account.

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