Saturday, December 18, 2004

The Plethora of Squirrel Mail!

The Security hole seems to have caused a frenzy in the higher echelons of power at the campus. The mail I sent to Ayaz Ahmed had been circulating around the faculty (ofcourse those concerned). He replied me, and sent it around to a few more people. Here is the reply: From: Ayaz Ahmed Sent: Saturday, December 18, 2004 9:53 AM To: Webmasters [Khi] Cc: Dr. Zubair Shaikh; Rashda Mehmood; Anwar Ali; Ovais Khan Subject: RE: [Webmasters] Security Hole! Thanks Yousuf... And since you are the part of this team... so get over with it after your exams... chao... Ayaz Note: Forwarded messages attached. Ahan! So the mail has been forwarded to the Dean, the Incharge, and the Server Incharges. Quite cool. And then another mail that I got from Ovais Khan, one of the Server Incharges, in response to this possible exploit. Here is it: Subject: RE: [Webmasters] Security Hole! From: Ovais Khan Date: Sat, December 18, 2004 6:45 am To: Ayaz Ahmed; Webmasters [Khi]; The Webmasters [Khi] Cc: Dr. Zubair Shaikh; Rashda Mehmood I would again suggest to have the link to OWA on our main page until the new web access is completely tested as has been the case with previous site. Squirrelmail is a lot CPU intensive and even if 200 or so users are checking their mails, the response time would be pathetic. Also, someone from the webmasters please contact me after papers so we can secure OWA, squirrel mail and forum as none have much password security. Regards, --- Ovais A. Khan Research Officer, FAST-NU So that's that. Although my angels also dont know what OWA means. Maybe "Old Web Access". Perhaps. But the old one was Exchange Mail Server. Dont know, maybe that's technical jargon. Not for me!

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