Friday, December 17, 2004

Google sucks bad! (contd.)

I didnt mean to continue my last post, but I forgot another of Google's blunders: The Gmail. Yes! I don't know whether this happens with the rest of the world, but it sure happens with me. Just last night when I was done with my last post, I decided to check on my Gmail. I didnt leave Gmail out intentionally from the "Google sucks bad!" post, but I just forgot. And then there it was reminding me of how can I leave it out! I usually have to try five or six times to login. And when I do login, checking a mail or jumping back to the inbox is no less than a nightmare. The mail signs me out! And then the same plethora of signing it in again, which doesnt take less than five attempts! Frustrating! And then they ask you to change your browser. Talk about tough times. I wonder why other email services, news groups that use javascript dont get any problem like that? Like MSN, Yahoo, hi5 etc? Is it the curse of Google? I dont know. I want to find out.

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W.h.i.t.e..C.h.a.l.k... said...

I have my deepest sympathies about what happened to you. But google has got one of the best services. They have changed the typical way of replying to mails and all that stuff. To me it is a good thing. And when you sign in to gmail it takes you straight to ur inbox unlike msn n yahoo and other mailSP. MSN!! Microsoft surely sucks. Their extra friendly serivces does drive me mad. I had my horrible experiences with microsoft. Cant send a zip file through their email service!! Yahoo too much business!! and their messenger is a night mare. I dont know when'll yahoo fix holes in their messenger.