Sunday, February 19, 2006

Razr-mania hits again!

Yeah, its back. The Moto V3 Razr is back in the market. Umm, not exactly in the market, but with me :) But dunno why I dont feel that elated :( The old and faithful Nokia 3220 is on for a little rest. For those who dont know what the heck I am talking about, can read this, this and this.


sid said...

so now u have the 'value added services'. sexy phone waise. i want too.

uXuf said...

Yep! Cool stuff for cool dudes!

What are you carrying btw?

sid said...

id rather not to tell u... its an embarrassment. :(

mayya said...

waaaoow! cameray wala mobile!! *drools* :p

uXuf said...

sid: If you can talk through it then I dont consider it an embarassment!

mayya: Its NOT just the camera thats interesting here *scoffs*