Monday, February 06, 2006

Blogger blues!

I am sorry but I can see there is something acutely terrible going on with Blogger. The last post isn't showing up in the Dashboard, and that's why the comments window won't open. I hope this post shows up fine, and all of those, who wanted to comment on the previous post, can comment here :)


mayya said...

so I'm not the only one suffering from blogger blues :S its eating up my posts and I get comments via email and they don't show up on screen :/

and congratulations on your IELTS score :D

sid said...

congrats on ur ielts ka score.. was awesome!!
so its not just me..i thought my post was deleted coz it was too political. :D

have fun...and design a new skin for my blog as well. the change on urs looks good.:)

uXuf said...

Well, I think the problem lies with the posts that are sent via email.. but then, I am not the authority.

Blogger has eaten up my comments also, the ones I left on mayya's blog :P So it makes up for that!

and sid, I ll be happy to design a skin for you, just temme how d you want it ;)

And yeah, guys, a BIG Thanks!

sid said...

i cant describe what i want.. how abt u make something for me that u think id like.

obviously ofcourse..u may not have the time. u can delay this for as long as u like. :)

Raheel said...

blogger sometimes is such a big mess.

btw you are a cheeta and congratz for that amazing achievement. I take my congratz back main koi yousuf ko nahi jaantey, areebaba tum toh 'uxuf with an capital x' hai naa saayeein!

uXuf said...

sid: ofcourse, I can delay this. But still, I'd need to know what you want exactly ;)

Raheel: No bhai, I m not a cheeta, please. I am an insaan. Waaqi mein...