Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Another Book to Read n Learn

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Now a days am also trying to prepare for the GRE test . God just help me out in finding my way out, I need your help badly :) and friends I need your wishes too, so pray for me :)

I don�t know which university to enter or which country to enter for my Masters ,so these days am only searching for my best future :)



mayya said...

GRE yuckkkkkkkk :s

I tagged you

uXuf said...

Yes mayya, GRE yuckk. Tag no yuck. Long time no tag. This tag feel odd.


mayya said...

whats odd about it?
shukar kero its not about 4 most difficult GRE words :s

Aftab Iqbal said...

Best of Luck.....Hard but not impossible...stick to it!! May Allah Bless you!Ameen

uXuf said...

mayya: I didnt say the tag was yuck, bus it made me feel odd k itney din baad koi tag hua :P

Aftab: Thanks, difficult are things that we make difficult ourselves.