Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Prediction of Mohammad (SAW) in Hindu scriptures, Part II

Continuing the discussion that has ensued as the result of my previous post, while many people think that this is a controversial topic, I have a few reservations of my own.
Iranian Premier Ahmedinejad might say that this is a conspiracy of Israel, but we need to get a few of the facts straight(but I hope I wouldnt be offensive to any Hindu readers).
Most of the religions in the world worship ultimately one God. Although the Hindus ultimately believe in Brahma (the creator of the universe), they worship Vishnu (the preserver of the universe) and Shiva (the ultimate destroyer).
According to the mythology, this is the age of Vishnu, and since Brahma's duty is done and Shiva's era not yet arrived, they worship Vishnu.
Vishnu visits the earth often when there is much lawlessness, and restores the order of justice. When he has to do a really impressive deed, he gets into the form of an avatar, and there are 12 avatars in all, the last one being the Kalki Avatar that has caused all this furore.
You can read about the avatars here.
Although the first avatar story bears a strong resemblance to that of Prophet Noah (AS), it is, indeed, a very distorted view of it. If we take the view that they think of prophets as avatars, we cannot help but wonder why the prophets should appear in the guise of animals (naouzubillah). And that also a boar?
The origins might have been straight, but the Kalki avatar comes after the delibrations of 10 intermediate avatars (if we assume that they have distorted Hazrat Noah's (AS) story). None of this I found very credible, but they were indeed interesting.
But then, interesting are the myths of Greece too, and that of Romans, or the people of Oceania, or wherever.
The Kalki avatar is believed to be a "machine-man". I have no idea what a machine-man is, and what I think it means, never fits accurately to our prophets. All of our prophets were (thanks to God), human beings. 
All of this was a case of adapting a personality to a pre-held notion. Like the recent blasphemer in Larkana that made people believe that he is actually Imam Mehdi. He forgot about the seal, and is languishing in jail with a death penalty on his head.
Regarding this whole thing as true (not discarding it in its entirety), is a case of accepting the present form of Hinduism as a true religion. Tantamount to that of thinking the Greeks were on the right path...

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mayya said...

In fact there is no one form of hinduism either, no one's saying keh hinduism, sikhism, what the greeks followed are true religions.
BUT it may be that one, two, three things that they beleive in may have seeped in from what the actual messengers of Allah taught.