Tuesday, May 03, 2005


"RenderMan is actually a technical specification for interfacing between modeling and rendering programs. From 1998 until 2000 the published RenderMan Interface Specification was known as Version 3.1. In 2000 Pixar published a new specification, Version 3.2." Just great. RenderMan is supposed to be an framework upon which implementations are constructed. A few of the examples include PRMan, 3Delight, Aqsis etc. RenderMan is used for photorealistic image rendering, in easy words, modeling and displaying images that are pretty close to real life in terms of their physics. Moreover, it is mainly used in CG animation [dork, thats COMPUTER GRAPHICS] in films. Here is an interesting links about CG and RenderMan in films. The basic format for passing scene information to a renderer is through a RIB file. In the RIB file you can specify your model in terms of basic geometrical shapes like spheres, curves etc. But believe me, they are one heck of a problem. Each scene has to be separately defined in the RIB file, no concept of keyframes. This is one big burden. So the basic solution is that you model your scene in a 3rd party animation package like Blender, Maya etc [and that is also the sensible solution], and then use export scripts/plugins to generate RIB files from these packages. Well, the prelude was because the project for Computer Graphics 418 is due on May 7. And I am just coming to terms with the stupid RenderMan. A few nice links are here: Blender Aqsis 3Delight RenderMan Repository Just pray that I indeed finish this project on time. And also if you have any ideas for graphics animation, a scene that you particularly want to make, or see in a movie, just let me know. Maybe I could do that, besides, the Disney people are already on my doorstep :P


Extiinct said...

you realize ke this post went over my head.
like wayyyyyyyyyy over:P

uXuf said...

Guess this went over the heads of many people!

Acha in simple terms: The animations and special effects that you so love in movies, are effected by this specification, RenderMan.

And in our Graphics project we had to make a small animation that had to be like very close to real life.

So that was it, simple enough!