Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Busy me!

Anyone thinking I've been too lazy to blog? Actually, I've been too busy to blog!! The Graphics Project was to be turned in, and I was ignorant with pretty much the stuff with which the project was to be made. You see, RenderMan doesnt look like much of a promising prospect at first, but still, its prutty strong, and the animations and special effects that are in movies, are on the large part have been developed using RenderMan compliant renderers... Jeez, phir behek gaya...! Anyways, I was online most of these days, much of my time spent on Google [yes, Google]. Ofcourse, searching for RenderMan. Its pretty mindboggling that there is so dearth of information about such amazing a thing. Khair! in all this while I didnt get time to blog! Finished The Da Vinci Code last weekend. Didnt find it up to the hype that has been created. The author thrusts his point of view on the reader. And most of the clues I was able to decipher myself, now that wasn't mind boggling like Sherlock Holmes or something. But maybe I am being too naive here? I am hungry for a new book now! Any suggestions for my next read?


Extiinct said...

War and peace by Tolstoy.
It's been in my to-read-list forever.

uXuf said...

Matlab you ve read it or you wanna read it?

Hehe. To be honest, I ve read it. Tolstoy is amazing, to say the least. The way he has portrayed the Russian scene, its pretty awesome. I got a copy deep from the archives of the university library, a dusty, worn book. But I must warn you, its too zakheem to finish off with university days. I didnt finish it either, left it when a hundred pages or so were left :)

Read it and then lemme know. Meanwhile, suggest me another book. Read Sophie's World?