Wednesday, May 25, 2005

About me!

"Young, male, in love, looking to rule the world. But in that bevy of cliches there's a compendium of sharply-opposite personalities housed in one over-sized cranium. I will love you, surprise you, most likely offend you, and I will invariably let you down. But I don't give up, and if you stick around, I'll take you along when I reach out to touch the stars..." Read this on the profile of Ahmed Bilal, but damn, I am sure this is what I am.


Ahmed Bilal said...

thanks for the link bud :) will repay in kind once these damned finals end and I get a chance to update my blog.


uXuf said...

Hehehe sure but it isnt immediately obvious reading your blog that you'll be caught up in exams!

Almost the same here, I am badly entangled in education's revenge against the students :(