Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Pakistan's first fighter pilots

Interesting read, indeed. Check it out here. Guess women will no longer crave to marry a fighter pilot, they can become one too. Did I mention I was almost selected for the Academy? But guess they werent impressed by my wit. And dropped me off on the last day. Khair whatever happens is for the best. Those girls are better than me. *sigh*


Manav said...

Uxuf, are you
I've added you.
I'd like to talk to you.

pajia said...

no hez not uxuf@hotmail....
y do u want to talk to him?? haan??? 1st u've to take permission from me!! if i give u the permissioon then he can talk to u!!! :P

uXuf said...

No Manav, I am not, or for that matter, I am not Uxuf at all.

I am uXuf. Heheh. Just a little quirk.

By the way jaldi say permission le lo. I am looking forward to it :)

you-know-who:) said...

i just read a certain comments and *cough cough* someone get me water!

Uxuf you need to check my shoutbox out. i'm not saying anything here for fear of breaking any rules by not taking permission:P

P.S: why does this remind me of the Moron and B scene? why oh why!

uXuf said...

I think I must disallow anonymous comments on my blogs :P

From the look of it I knew that it d be you, lekin ab pakka yaqeen hogaya, seeing the references :P

Nahin aisa scene nahin hai, rest assured. Thora sa hai to kya hua ;) itna to chalta hee hai :P