Sunday, September 11, 2005

Rain, rain!

Rain, rain, go away, Come again another day! OMG! What is with this outpour! Everything is drenched! Nature has a way of playing nefty games with us. First it was the hottttt weather, with temperatures climbing steadily upto 38 degrees Celsius, then making us long for rain with sporadic cloudy days, and now, in the middle of September, when you have finally given up hopes of rains, it rains! And it rains, it rains, it rains! (Yeah in that order, put about a half-hour, an hour gap in between :P) Although it came as a welcoming relief in our lives, there were a little annoying things. The first drops falling, and the Internet connection goes *bang*! Called up to the cable wallah only to get the response "Bhai, barish ki wajah say switches jal jatay hain, isliyeh band kiya hai. Warna 6-7 din ki khuwari hojati hai!" Oh my God! Thankyou for the far-sightedness, Mr. Cable Wallay! Endure a little for the larger good. That's your logic. But please, when would you upgrade your systems? Make them rain-proof? Typical Pakistani! Khair, annoying things aside, its time to enjoy the rain! Imagine waking up in the morning, only to find gray clouds all over, bidding for rain. And just when you finally get ready to get off for the university, it starts to pour! Pour like it has never before. So that happened on Saturday. I called 9j up and told her that I am not coming, turned out she cancelled her plan too! Enjoyed the rain for a while, and then, went to sleep! Ahh! The benefits of bachelor life! The rain is fine if there aren't ankle deep puddles on the road, and the cable wouldn't go pop. I love barish too :)


JonyBr said...

That is completely not fair... i thought u would be the one i will call uXuf Bhai and turn over to when i need help etc, but u r a university going kid? *crying* :p

btw itnay paisoon mein tu aisa hi cable milay ga na :p

uXuf said...

OMG! Did I ever mention that I go to the university to study! I can go there for teaching, or for some software development, or network administration, or whatever!

My kandha is always available for a tear or too. *sniff*

Aur kitney paisay de diye bhai? Itne paison mein to mein unlimited account le loon :P

S!d said...

another rain lover!!!
imagine getting up at 7 and seeing a clear sky and as soon as u board the bus it starts raining cats and dogs. half the ppl in the point came in all soaked and dripping. too bad we cant take a day off from IBA, but we sure did enjoy ourselves at university as well..:D

ps: so what do u go to university for??

Mumbojumbo said...

He goes there for poondi! :P

Kyoon bhai?

Extiinct said...

Kiyun logon ko ollo banate ho. Your family thinks you go to study but mumojumbo has it right. Poondi is but one of the things you do there=P

You know it's mean being untruthful to your loyal readers like JonyBr=P

Tell the guy your age and that u have never given good advise to anyone and that whoever follows your advise usually ends up screwing themselves=P

Raheel said...

haye baarish kyun band hogayi.. uff yeh garmi :(

uXuf said...

Mumbojumbo: Haaan bhai! You can hide but I beat Mr. Holmes! Remember?

JonyDada: Ohkay, I am a university going, not exactly kid, but uhh... young man. :P

Extiinct: Unhi advice ko tumney agar heed karliya hota to aaj is conjuncture pe na hoti tum :P Kisi achi jaga mazay ura rahi hoti ;)

Aur Poondi? Naaah... 2 hath agay hoon mein *andaaz kyoon ho purana*!

Raheel: Forecast is for more barish in a coupla days! Yaaay!