Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Parse Trees made easy

NoClasses -> exams | chutti
exams -> mids | finals
chutti -> strike | IllTabiat | NoMood
So 9j, we can construct a parse trees for these days as follows:
NoClasses -> exams
exams -> mids
Yes, I have mids starting from Monday!!!!


9jia said...

ek chiz agayee hai banani to kya ab iski rair marogai!!!
chal bey nikal patli gali sai ... laikin tum to motai hogai ho isliyeh patli sai fit nahi ao to chal nikal moti gali sai :P

Raheel said...

Best of luck!

uXuf said...

Mota hoon ya patla, koi fark nahin parta... There is a positive correlation ;)

Raheel: thanks. And dua kartay rehna :)

W.h.i.t.e..C.h.a.l.k... said...

This seem more like implementing some algorithm.

uXuf said...

Its more of doing lexical analysis, a phase of building a compiler.

The compiler should know how to construct parse trees, and the compiler builder should know too!

(I know I am talking rubbish for most people, but some special questions need special answers)