Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The people of yore...

They aren't exactly what the title suggests yet, but soon, they will become the people of yore. The Senior year at the university (yeah, JonyDada, I study at the university!!), will pass in a blink of the eye. And all that would be left are memories. Memories of the good, the bad and the pretty....

So here are some of my pals, excluding the girls :( They'll always be in the better part of my memories. Anybody, if left, need not to worry because you have a place in my heart and will soon find some in a future post.

The mazloomest dud, the only guy I'll marry if I turned gay ;)

The Vamp, Tension Singh, whatever you may say, this guy's got a nerve (really?)

Punjab da Munda, Gandasa-bearer (atleast looks so, but he isn't)

Mein maafi chahta hoon judge saaab!

Yeah, what you wanna say? Uhumm?

Mr. Nice Daddy, Bunty and Bubbly wala Bunty :P

Jack of all, master of none, and looks really ruddy!

Murghiiiiiiiiii! Where's my fair n lovely?!!

And last, but not the least, the Cheetah (informally nahin, formally!) He is actually what he looks like... with a 3.9 CGPA!

And if anyone of you seem to know any one of these, please dont feel free to contact them. Please dont inquire about me, as I am invisible to them, and they are invisible to me. Hehe, just kidding :)


9jia said...

hehehehehe ... tumnai sari pics yahan pe post kardeen!! chalo now i can del dese pics n take more pics :P

n meri pic nahi hai yahannn :( .... mai sad hogayee

9jia said...

waisai i dont like u ... tumnai is post sai mujhai sad kardya!!! really .... yeh sab chiz yoheen forun sai khatam hojaigi n phir hum sab jo tafreeh kartai hain mil kar .... i dunno kabhi phir life mai wapas milaingai bhi ya nahi or agar milai bhi to formally milaingai!! yeh sari closeness khatam hojaigi!!! i'll miss every1!!! :(
usuf ki murri .... talha my luv ... jimmy da gr8!! sherry da vampire!!! shamz my dost n ashz da tafreeh!! sab khatam hojaiga!!

Raheel said...

lol @ the last part

uXuf said...

9jia: This is how life works. And advances. Those who are afraid of making new friends die early. But then, the new friends are the source of constant excitement in life. The old friends, well, they are worth in gold!

Raheel: Last part mein kya mila?

JonyBr said...


Enjoy partner... good luck to u

W.h.i.t.e..C.h.a.l.k... said...

Cheetah is wearing a new shirt I guess ;) . Just look at the collar.

uXuf said...

Hahahaa! ChalkJee, that was a quick eye!

Cheetah wears odd shirts, including shocking reds!

And yeah it looks like a new shirt ;)